Without Long Term Care and Life Insurance,

John Lite and his team (L to R): Elena Aquino, John Lite and Jennifer B. Jenkins.

John Lite and his team (L to R): Elena Aquino, John Lite and Jennifer B. Jenkins.

The struggle to maintain life’s barest essentials has caused many hard working Americans to abandon investments and forgo “excessive” necessities like insurance. But the ability to adequately meet the challenges of our dismal economy is now possible thanks to State Farm Agent John Lite, one of few agencies offering all financial and insurance services under one roof, that remains rooted in tackling financial dilemmas with the client.
The ability of John Lite, registered State Farm representative, and his staff to meet the unique needs of every individual is due to their diligence in remaining abreast of what’s going on in the market always keeping in mind “how it affects the client,” explains John. Helping people to determine whether their investments are protected and their readiness for retirement, John knows that “there are huge financial worries that people don’t understand.” Many People are uneducated on what Long Term Care is and how important it is to have. Anyone at any time can be susceptible to Long Term Care needs and most individuals think that they can afford to take care of themselves or that someone will be able to take care of them. In fact, most people needing Long Term Care end up in a state run facility because they cannot take care of themselves, nor can they afford to live in a decent facility that will provide a clean, well run environment with all the care necessary. Most people think that they can rely on the state to take care of them, but as we see with the baby boomers, there are not enough beds or decent care facilities to take care of our aging population.
The dedication in demystifying common fears regarding financial complexities such as inflation protectors and government aid has shown countless individuals the benefits of taking a proactive approach. “Eighty percent of people over fifty will need some type of Long Term Care,” explains John, “and the cost can run into the hundreds of thousands.” And while concerns of the economy linger, can you afford to lose what you have left. Life insurance is another CRUCIAL investment that must be had. When a loved one dies, no one is prepared financially. Though it’s never easy to think about life insurance anyone interested in taking the first step of obtaining a free quote from John’s agency will not only help themselves but aid in making the Christmas of several hundred children brighter this year. For every quote obtained John’s agency will donate one toy to the local Toys for Tots program.

For more information feel free to stop by the office located at 4324 W. Magnolia Blvd in Burbank or call (818) 845-0453. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm or weekends by appointment. John can be reached by email at john.lite.mdml@statefarm or through his website www.johnlite.net.


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