Hollywoodland by Mary Mallory


Author Mary Mallory.

Hollywoodland is an interesting history of a very important part of Los Angeles. It was written by Mary Mallory, who is a film historian and member of The Cultural Affairs Committee of the Studio City Neighborhood Council. She is also a contributor to The Tolucan Times as a theater reviewer. Mallory has always had an interest in history and films, so she says putting this book together, although a lot of hard work, was a labor of love. She explains that this is the first history written about the beginning and expansion of the neighborhood where this development took place.

The book is a combination of photographs along with the story of one of the first hillside subdivisions built by Tracy E. Shoults and S.H. Woodruff and its expansion. It was made famous, not only by its landmark sign, Hollywoodland, but by many of its illustrious residents. The photographs are gems to behold, and along with the script that describes each one, it brings to life the era in which this history occurred. Mallory was able to obtain these hundreds of photographs from Hollywood Heritage’s S.H. Woodruff Collection, Bison Archives, the Margaret Herrick Library, and some individuals. The transformation of the sign, Hollywoodland, into the present-day sign, Hollywood, that can be seen on the mountaintop in the Hollywood Hills, is of great interest as is the architecture, development and impact of the area that was created so many years ago.

Hollywoodland by Mary Mallory is available at select bookstores as well as www.arcadiapublishing.com.  All profits go to Hollywood Heritage.

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