‘John Boles: Matinee Idol – The Golden Years’ is a loving tribute to one of yesteryear’s leading men

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Filled with 60 gorgeous publicity shots from the heyday of the golden age Hollywood’s glamorous photography, John Boles: Matinee Idol – The Golden Years salutes the 1930s popular musical/romantic comedy star.

Author Beth R. Temkin provides a loving tribute to her favorite movie leading man showing the star in images from some of his classic films.

Born 1895 in Greenville, Texas, John Boles immigrated west and starred in a few silent films before venturing to New York City and making his mark as a Broadway singing star in the mid-1920s. Impressed with his talent, movie superstar Gloria Swanson brought him to Hollywood to star in her 1927 film The Love of Sunya, which quickly established him as a talented leading man.

Singing in some of Hollywood’s first major movie musicals like The Desert Song (1929), Rio Rita (1929), and Universal’s massive hit The King of Jazz (1930),  Boles soon also found success as dashing romantic comedy hero, appearing as Shirley Temple’s father in Curly Top (1933) and The Littlest Rebel (1935). Besides starring in musicals and with Shirley Temple, Boles appeared in the 1931 film Frankenstein, the melodrama Only Yesterday in 1933, and the 1936 classic Stella Dallas with Barbara Stanwyck.

Temkin showcases the handsome Boles in most of his major roles with striking publicity head shots by the likes of Hollywood stills photographers Jack and Roman Freulich at Universal and Otto Dyar and Gene Kornman at Fox, demonstrating Boles’ suave good looks and magnetism. With a twinkle in his eye and strong personal charisma, Boles seduced the hearts of women both on screen and off, still connecting with classic film female moviegoers today.

Temkin states in her foreword that the purpose of her book “is to stimulate interest in and encourage the resurrection of John Boles’ film success favorably reviewed at the time…” In her foreword and introduction, Temkin gives some background of his life and career as well as what motivated her in completing the book, describing her 22-year quest in search of Boles’ memorabilia. She quotes several fans praising his talents and includes a filmography of his career at the end, concluding by writing how “…he takes one’s breath away.”

John Boles: Matinee Idol is a beautiful coffee table book tribute to one of Hollywood’s classic leading men of the early 1930s.

Beth R. Temkin’s “John Boles: Matinee Idol – The Golden Years” sells for $34.99 on Amazon.com and at ValstarPublishing.com.


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