Lessons in dog rescue with T.C. Hannon’s ‘A Puppy Jubilee’

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Kids’ book is filled with dog care and safety tips available now on Amazon

T.C. Hannon released her new children’s book, A Puppy Jubilee, just in time for the holidays. This charming book is full of whimsical drawings and photographs depicting the adventures of 10-year-old Ryan and his rescue puppy.

In A Puppy Jubilee, Ryan discovers there is more to keeping a puppy than just loving and playing with it. The book incorporates a wealth of practical information on successfully adopting a dog while showing young Ryan learning responsibility. Future dog owners, take note.

Hannon’s publisher, Dorrance Publishing Co., worked closely with her to get the attractive paperback into stores and onto Amazon in a timely manner. It is also available in an e-book format on Kindle. Dorrance approached Hannon with an offer to publish when they discovered her finished manuscript in the Library of Congress.

Hannon has been drawing her whole life and took creative writing classes in college. Her personal rescue puppy experiences inspired her to tell an uplifting story while applying her creative talents.

Hannon says she worked about two years in writing, illustrating and taking pictures of her rescue puppies for the book. She says she “worked at every step of the process to ensure the book would turn out” as she envisioned it. It is a true labor of love.

When not coaching club soccer and track, Hannon is currently writing another children’s book. She especially urges people to listen to her heartfelt plea, “Don’t breed or buy while a shelter dog dies.”

T.C. Hannon will be signing copies of “A Puppy Jubilee” at the annual Toluca Lake Holiday Open House on Friday, December 7, 5pm, on the patio at 10142 Riverside Dr. in Toluca Lake. Bring your copy of the book or purchase it at the signing.  


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