‘The Puppet Master’ keeps you dangling from the first pageto the very last

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Ronald S. Barak is the Pacific Palisades-based author of the bestselling Brooks/Lotello thriller book series. An experienced court room lawyer and an astute political scholar, Barak writes incredibly timely political and legal suspense novels.

Author Ronald S. Barak writes incredibly timely political and legal suspense novels.

The second novel in this fascinating series, The Puppet Master, is now released everywhere books are sold, including, of course,Amazon. The prequel to the highly acclaimed first in the series, The Amendment Killer, it’s available in hardcover, trade paperback, ebook and audiobook.

What would you do if they took everything you had—your family, your home, your business, your dignity, even—perhaps—your sanity? The Puppet Master is a story about a political system gone awry and those who feel compelled to fix it.

“Have you ever killed anyone? I have. I’ll do it again. If I need to.” Three prominent political leaders in Washington, D.C. are murdered in as many days. An unrealistic story premise? What about the recent pipe bombs mailed to our political icons? Barak doesn’t just rip his stories from the headlines. He writes the headlines before they become headlines!

Crafty D.C. homicide detective Frank Lotello makes an arrest, but has his doubts. The accused is tried in the courtroom of savvy Judge Cyrus Brooks. At great peril to their respective careers, Brooks and Lotello form a secret alliance to uncover the truth—before it’s too late.

Some illustrative praise for Barak and his novels:

“Barak’s the same every time, tense, timely and terrific!” –Lee Child, NY Times bestselling author of the Jack Reacher novels.

 “The Puppet Master,an outstanding, relentlessly paced who dunnit with sky-high stakes and a jaw dropping twist. Clearly one of the best thrillers of 2018,” –Best Thrillers Magazine.

Barak has created a novel that will leave readers wondering whether he’s writing make believe fiction or addressing real world reality. Or doing both. Pick up a copy today!

Visit RonaldSBarak.com for more information.


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