An interview with David Brighton on his David Bowie connection

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Tribute artist lands ‘Space Oddity’ in NoHo Sat., Nov. 4

See David Brighton in “Space Oddity” at El Portal Theatre in NoHo on Sat., Nov. 4.

David Brighton is bringing his amazing show, Space Oddity, to El Portal Theatre in NoHo on Saturday, November 4. Brighton explains why audiences across the globe love his show!

What would a true David Bowie fan like about your show?

To answer that question, I’ll start by saying – I would hope that true Bowie fans would appreciate the things about our show that people who worked with David Bowie himself have appreciated about the show. Here are a few things they’ve said:

‘David Brighton has studied Bowie like Bowie studied Elvis. His band members have their s**t together too…’

-Earl Slick, David Bowie’s guitarist for 40+ years

‘David Brighton has the voice, moves and look to actually step in for David Bowie…Experiencing Space Oddity made for a truly remarkable evening.’

-Harry Maslin, producer of David Bowie’s ‘Young Americans’ and ‘Station to Station’ albums

Why should a non-fan come to the show?

Bowie was a game changer. He not only changed the face of rock and roll…he’s one of the few musicians who actually changed the world with his music, both musically and culturally. He and his band members created some of the greatest and most inventive music in the history of rock.

The “Space Oddity” band is made up of some of the best musicians on the planet. Where did you find these incredible players?

I’m fortunate enough to have musicians in this band who’ve played with people like Jeff Beck, America, Dweezil Zappa, The Doors, Eddie Money, Gene Loves Jezebel, Berlin, Robert Palmer, the guys from Quiet Riot and many others.

How many different cities have you toured in the past year?

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind….so I don’t know exactly how many off the top of my head. But some of the places we’ve been this last year  are Melbourne, Australia, Las Vegas Nevada, Dallas Texas, Tulsa Oklahoma, Chicago Illinois, Vail Colorado, different parts of Oregon, Princeton New Jersey, Akron Ohio, Niagara Falls New York, Los Angeles, Boston Massachusetts, Tel Aviv, Zurich, Luxembourg, Helsinki, Guadalajara, and we’ve toured Holland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Belgium and so on.

Did you ever meet David Bowie —if so—what was that like?

Yes….I had the honor and privilege to do a TV commercial with David. I was hired to play his past rock personas and he played himself as he was in real life. Meeting and working with him was quite surreal, to say the least…but he was great. Laughing and joking – he was the perfect English gentleman.

Why is David Bowie music different?

As David Gilmour from Pink Floyd said: ‘Bowie was so unmistakably himself.’ He was one of a kind….a very unique artist, musically and in terms of theatricality, style, fashion, etc. His lyrics, song structures, melodies and chord changes, the intellectual depth of his work, his subject matter, and so on were very different than other artists.

You mention style and fashion. Bowie had a lot of different looks. How many costumes do you own and how many do you wear in the show coming to El Portal Theatre?

At the moment I think I have around 15 replicas of costumes Bowie wore throughout his career. I usually choose four to five of them for any specific show. At the El Portal, I will use as many of them as possible! And it’s always fun to see the audience members who come in costume as well!

Don’t miss the ultimate David Bowie experience with David Brighton’s “Space Oddity” on Saturday, November 4, 8pm,  at the historic El Portal Theatre. Tickets are available online at or by calling (866) 811-4111 or (818) 508-4200. Use the code word TOLUCAN to save $5 on every ticket! El Portal Theatre is located at 5269 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood’s NoHo Arts District.


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