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Don’t limit yourself because the task of relocating seems to be more than you can handle.

By Gigi Santoro, Santoro
and Sons Real Estate Group

The Youngs are happy to sell and move closer to family!

Look, moving at any age is difficult, but moving as a senior feels almost impossible. Your home, over the past 40-plus years, has become the family historian, right? You have boxes of trophies, special art projects, your grandparent’s trunk filled with newspaper clippings – believe me, you are not alone.

We specialize in helping people get their house ready for sale, and then selling it for the best price. By having us help you, the pressure is off, and instead of being the “do-er” you are the CEO of your move. You direct us! We are the “do-ers” and that is what makes the job take less time and get you where you want to go faster!

We have seen it all and helped many families and Trustee’s deal with clutter. The photos you see here are real. Our clients often express their gratitude toward how we took care of their family during this time. We know how to make a house look great and get it sold quickly.

A residence BEFORE the work of Gigi’s Team!

Capitalizing on this sellers’ market is another great opportunity to get yourself closer to family, or that golf course, or that fishing hole—whatever your retirement dreams are we can help you achieve them.

Don’t limit yourself because the task of relocating seems to be more than you can handle. Know that we come prepared and with the best possible resources to help. One of our clients told us that we saved her money because she didn’t know what she had until we started!  Imagine that; you sell your house in the most profitable market ever, and we save you money because our team uncovered valuable stuff!

AFTER Gigi’s Team!

Another client mentioned her health improved once she moved into a new place and had a fresh start. Her allergies were better and she felt her mental health was improved. Clutter and dust can be hard on you as time goes on. You don’t realize how it might be limiting your life until it’s removed and you have moved into a new home!

Gigi Santoro is a long standing, respected realtor with Coldwell Banker. She has many client testimonials, ranging from, “She sold our house for an incredible price” to “She has become our good friend and trusted advisor.”  People don’t say this kind of thing over and over again if they don’t mean it. Don’t be afraid, embarrassed or put this off another minute by how things look!  Give Gigi a call and let her tell you what your house is worth and how she plans on getting you the best price for the least amount of stress!  Contact Gigi at (818) 237-5687  or visit


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