Public transportation and real estate

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By Gigi Santoro,
Santoro and Sons
Real Estate Group

Being ranked in the Top 3 percent of Realtors in the Los Angeles area requires more than just opening a door to show a house.  It’s imperative to us that we have knowledge of the area, the schools and what to do for fun.  Toluca Lake, Burbank, Studio City and surrounding areas offer great family activities and fun – but if you have to commute for work – it can be really hard! Looking for ways to help our clients get home to spend more time with their families is one of our customer service pledges!

According to INRIX, a company that specializes in car and transportation services, Los Angeles is the big winner for gridlock in the world! INRIX’s 11th annual report, shows Los Angeles is ranked No. 1 for gridlock, followed by Moscow and New York.

Looking for ways to help our clients get home to spend more time with their families is one of our customer service pledges!

Consider taking public transportation to LAX.  I did, here was my criteria:

  1. Less stress
  2. Easily handle luggage
  3. Cost effective; Uber/Lyft and limos have cost between $75 – $100 one way. Parking in a shuttle lot at LAX is time consuming and far!

Great family home—coming soon!

Let’s work with Metrolink first. All the trains heading southbound (Palmdale to Los Angeles) go directly to Union Station in Los Angeles. These trains pass through and stop at the Burbank Downtown Station and the Glendale Station. Trains pass every 15 to 20 minutes from 5:25am to about noon going south. The cost to ride the train one way to Union Station from the Burbank Downtown Station is $3.75.

Once you are at the Fly-Away bus terminal, you can purchase a ticket either on your phone through an app you download at or in person.  The ticket cost is $9.75 for adults one way. Children under 5 are free with an adult ticket purchase.  Fly-Away buses at Union Station to LAX leave about every half hour from 7am throughout the day.

Need a better way to get around? Ask us!

The bus driver of the Fly-Away bus asks you what airline you are flying, takes your luggage and loads it into the storage compartment of the bus by terminal.  When you arrive at your airline, the bus pulls over and off-loads your luggage and you roll it to the Skycap and check in for your flight.  Your total cost to take the Metrolink and Fly-Away one way is $13.50!  If this doesn’t work for you, consider the Van Nuys Fly-Away as an option.

Our goal is to really help our clients and that’s why we have such a high customer service rating on major search engines. We want you to be able to get home to your family after a long, hard day at work.

Call Gigi Santoro at (818) 237-5687 for more information or to discuss your real estate needs. Visit and let us help you if you ever need to buy or sell a home.


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