$15 Dollars a Month Gives You Health, Results and Newfound Self Confidence at Burbank Athletic Club


By Greg Smith, Staff Writer

Private spinning studio.

“The chain gyms want you to sign up and never come back. They’re interested in recruitment, not retention. Here at Burbank Athletic Club, the customer is king; my utmost goal is to make sure we go above and beyond the likes of your typical gym,” says Greg Bedrossian, personal trainer for over 17 years and owner of two Burbank Athletic Club locations.

What has become a community beacon of fitness and healthy living in North Hollywood started as a humble dream of Bedrossian’s. Thirteen years ago, he was working at a rundown gym here in Burbank. The owners were on their way out, but Bedrossian saw something they didn’t. His background in business management and marketing, along with his passion for the community, pushed him to get a loan from the bank and pour it in to what today has become Burbank Athletic Club. It wasn’t always easy, as any champion of the American Dream could tell you, but Bedrossian had the right reasons in mind when he gutted the old gym and started anew.

The two attractive facilities cater to Burbank’s health needs fully. Whether you’re in the market to lose pounds, lower your blood pressure, bulk up etc., then look no further. The hardwood floors gleam, reflecting the glint off the clean, cool metal of the weight machines. The Hollywood Way location is great for the expeditious workout. Specializing in strength and cardio, if time is an issue then stop in and get a deep session before resuming your daily grind.

The Media Center location boasts over 200 classes a month! This second location houses a certified spinning facility, a private yoga studio, martial arts studio and a 2,500 square foot multipurpose aerobics studio — four fitness studios in all. That’s why it’s the premiere choice for local law enforcement and high school athletes alike.

Popular classes include boot camp and boxing. The main aerobics studio boasts 16 hanging boxing bags. Unlimited yoga and spinning is a tad more on top of the $15 a month fee, but is wholly worth it when compared to your typical chain gym business model.

Hammer strength free weight room.

A staff of highly qualified personal trainers, including the boss Bedrossian himself, charge $40 a session. With at least five years of experience, each trainer is dedicated to help you become the best you possible. Each new member will receive two free personal trainer sessions – now that’s a tough one to beat!

A gym membership like this is an investment, not a fee. Because once you’ve lost your health, then what else matters? The most important thing is showing up, says Bedrossian – something you won’t likely hear from a chain owner. Staying in shape doesn’t take a lot of effort, and you’re either maintaining or regressing. Bedrossian says:

“I’ve always known that this is my life’s work. This was never for a quick buck, because I love the industry and helping others. I didn’t necessarily come from money; I put it all on the line to make my dream a reality. There are no shortcuts in life, as there are no shortcuts in fitness.”

Well, he sold me on Burbank Athletic Club. See you there!

The Media Center is located at 226 East Palm Ave. in Burbank. They can be reached at (818) 954-0021. The North Location is at 2010 North Hollywood Way in Burbank, and can be reached at (818) 563-4203.

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