A Visit to The Jade Apple Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away


By Jennifer Speer

Photos by Matt Cramer

The Jade Apple has an incredible “family” of yoga teachers and students and offers all levels of yoga.

Hesitant because of health issues, I’d never tried yoga. “How do I find the right studio, the right instructor?” I’m now convinced that yoga is a powerful and healing path to more control over my health because of the information provided by Jenn Lucene, the owner of The Jade Apple, a Yoga Studio on Magnolia in Toluca Woods, two blocks east of Cahuenga. As it says at jadeappleyoga.com, “Jade represents serenity, wisdom, balance – all things associated with the best spiritual practices. Apples represent nourishment and knowledge. Like eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away, yoga can imbue the same healing effects.” This is why their trademark stop-and-visit treat is tea and an apple.

Jenn isn’t worried about her studio being the fanciest or the biggest place on the block; she’s concerned about whether or not you have an authentic experience when you walk through her door. She wants you to feel safe … a place where there is no discrimination of your ability, age, size, skill, race, or even your ability to communicate. Their fantastic “Silver Chair Yoga” embraces those with disabilities or in their golden years who don’t care for the distance of the floor. This offers a safe, gentle alternative for movement, meditation, and company for people of all ages and abilities. She is inspired daily by her customers and their own dedication to their spiritual harmony and physical health.

Photos by Matt Cramer

Jenn Lucene, owner and yoga teacher welcomes everyone in the area!

Jenn realizes there are other yoga studios in the area, so her mission is to create a unique environment that is tailored for the local Toluca Lake/North Hollywood/Burbank community. Not only through her studio, but as part of her local neighborhood council. She’s genuinely dedicated to her community and the people within it. That means creative solutions to specialized issues, reflected in the vast array of class options … from classes that focus on emotional needs, to the Silver Chair program, early morning and evening classes, to their newest brilliant plan – Yoga in Español. At The Jade Apple, they want everyone to feel like yoga is something all folks can be a part of and feel completely welcomed. Jenn, along with her amazing family of yoga teachers, feel so passionately about that concept that they have designed classes like these and more to embrace all of their neighbors.

The class descriptions and pricing can be found at jadeappleyoga.com, but do note that they have special $5 community classes and a New Student Special that provides 2 weeks of unlimited classes (for just $30), which gives you complete freedom to experience the different classes, times, and instructors to find the perfect fit for your needs. They also have great updates and class reminders at twitter.com/jadeappleyoga, so if you tweet, follow them!

Visit The Jade Apple and experience the atmosphere that beckons you to come in, rest awhile, and take care of your body, mind, and spirit with new friends as you expand your health and spirituality through their many options of yoga, meditation, and belly dancing. You won’t be disappointed.

The Jade Apple Yoga Studio is located at 10502 Magnolia Blvd. in Toluca Woods/North Hollywood. For more information, call (818) 508-9434.

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