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By Laura Routsong

Envy Nutrition owner Terri Hardin-Jackson.

Terri Hardin-Jackson, previously known as a talented sculptor and the hilarious Foster Farms chicken, will now dazzle the community with her innate ability to make people around her feel happy and good about themselves in a new venue. While continuing to work at those jobs, she will also begin to channel her positive energy into a new business, Envy Nutrition, where she and her team are successfully creating an upbeat, positive atmosphere, with the bonus of good health, nutrition, and support. Envy Nutrition is a place where people can come to feel better, receive positive reinforcement, get a hug, whatever one needs to feel better, without the hard sell. For you who choose, Envy Nutrition will also provide a support system to help you achieve your health goals for the last time.

The team at Envy Nutrition is here to help people get well, be healthy, and improve self-esteem, by providing “Fast Food for Smart People” and caring conversation. The Envy Nutrition team wants people to succeed and will aid them by developing workable game plans, tailored to the individual, and educate them on how good nutrition can support their health goals and lifestyles. Since health is individual, each person has the opportunity to be paired with a personal coach, upon whom they can rely 24/7 for support and encouragement.

Most health problems and ailments can be alleviated with good nutrition. Armida Corral’s past year was stressful for her and hard on her body. She was diagnosed with several problems, including hypertension, anemia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Her seven medications made her feel worse and she was losing her hair. Armida decided the correct way to proceed was with good nutrition, not just for herself, but her entire family. Within one month Armida was off most of her medication, and has lost 45 pounds since March. Employing good nutrition worked better and faster for Armida, who found that, “Feeding proper nutrition to the body causes the body to respond in a positive direction.”

A doctor told athlete Alex Horn III, “Tim,” that he must lose 100 pounds or he would die. Given the alternative, it was an easy decision for Tim, but he was unable to diet. Envy Nutrition helped Tim realize that a better quality of life begins simply with better nutrition. He learned what nutrients and food his body needed so he could eat better, without dieting. Eight months later and 130 pounds lighter, Tim now has more energy and is more active, easily walking upstairs without knee pain, and tying his own shoes – activities many of us take for granted! And he no longer needs medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Good nutrition gave Tim the support to discover what works best for him to reach his particular goals and the health education to not only achieve them, but to be able to look forward to a long and happy life.

Opening later this month, Envy Nutrition, will be the location for people to come and experience better living through better nutrition. The community is looking forward to Envy Nutrition’s Grand Opening. Envy Nutrition will be located at 11135 Magnolia Blvd., Suite 170 in North Hollywood.

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