In Real Estate … Partnerships Come and Go


Paul Ramsey and Lee Shilling, founders of Ramsey Shilling & Associates, were partners for over 50 years.

SOLD! Bing Crosby Estate 10500 Camarillo

Jon & Shirley have been partners for nearly 20 years! When asked what the glue is that has kept them together for so long, Shirley answered that they both enjoy a job where they’re helping people. Jon answered much in the same way. He said he enjoyed helping Shirley … helping the people … (most of the time).

More seriously, they realize that the client who needs to lease an apartment is more than just a “lease” client but is a person who needs the right place in which to live. This is of paramount importance to this person. This is also true with the clients who are in a position to buy the home of their dreams. One such family has just closed escrow on the Bing Crosby Estate. This estate is truly a home of historic and aesthetic value. Nearly two acres, with a night lit tennis court, swimming pool, and two guest houses.

The other such scenario is a lady who is a superb working actress. She desired to live in the Toluca Lake area and wanted a two bedroom condominium to lease. This would afford her the flexibility to be in proximity to the studios, while allowing her the opportunity to walk to the village for shopping and eclectic restaurants. Lock the doors, put your suitcase in the car, and fly to your next film location, with no concerns for lawns, pets, or maintenance. Differing needs, changing situations all trigger the need for a real estate professional.

1410 N. Sycamore — Hollywood For Lease and For Sale $2,700.00 – Fully Furnished Or $649,000 List Price

There is the president of a prominent Toluca Lake insurance agency who said he would like to buy some investment property in the local area. He closed escrow on a four unit building in Toluca Lake south of Riverside for an excellent price. Or the CPA who needed to sell a large building in Korea Town near Wilshire Boulevard for his lodge that also closed escrow in 2011.

The homeowner who grew up as a small girl in the home bought new by her parents, which was now to be sold. The goal was to have the proceeds from the sale be used to purchase a new residence with no mortgage. It needed to be a one story, ground level in a good area, and have a large enclosed patio with at least three bedrooms and no subterranean garage. The result: Studio City, South of Moorpark, Large enclosed private patio, hardwood floors, three bedrooms, and a convertible den with two bathrooms. Dreams can come true.

For those whom need less of a sales person, and more of a Real Estate Consultant, consider contacting Jon Molin & Shirley Duenckel of Ramsey Shilling at (818) 481-8643 or (818) 317-1006.

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