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New arrivals daily from your favorite Movies and TV Shows.

T16-07-COVER-It's A Wrap! 1Janet Dion was a young mother when she was laid off from work in the production inventory department on the CBS Radford Lot in Los Angeles. The year was 1981 and reselling wardrobe from major film and television studios to the general public at a discounted price was an unheard of business concept.

Ms. Dion jumped at the chance to strike before anyone else did and within a short distance from the many studios, she opened THE RETAKE ROOM on Laurel Grove Avenue in Studio City. It became a retail outlet that offered celebrity pedigree clothing at significantly reduced prices. Not only could a person dress like a star, but they could save a lot of money too. Stars themselves even made the pilgrimage to buy the clothes worn by their favorites on set, among them Shirley MacLaine, Debra Messing, and the Olsen Twins.


Thousands of items for Men, Women, and Children with new arrivals daily.

Thousands of items for Men, Women, and Children with new arrivals daily.

The savvy entrepreneur quickly built an honorable reputation not only within the entertainment industry but with consumers alike and a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience was born. Literally. Ms. Dion founded a company that to this day is the only of its kind that offers this service, much less to be spotlighted on Oprah.

Thirty-three years later and Ms. Dion has since moved to Maryland. “She’s tired of the cold though, and is moving back to Southern California,” quips her daughter Tiara Nappi, who was brought on to help run and grow the business when she graduated from USC Business School in 1992. Ms. Nappi quickly and strongly adhered to a then-emerging entrepreneurial theory a college professor drove home to her and her fellow students. “Merge environmental consciousness into your business model and the rest will follow.” In 1994 they moved to Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank and revamped their name to IT’S A WRAP! The rest followed.

The endless list of television and film stars’ clothing at IT’S A WRAP! can easily be found on their website where shoppers from all over the world join in for various online themed auctions.

IT’S A WRAP! recycles everything in their stores including the packaging. They now have a second location on Robertson Boulevard in West Los Angeles and are proudly holding their 5th annual earth day event, “GO GREEN, SAVE GREEN,” on Monday, April 1. Ms. Nappi, now the sole owner and a past recipient of USC’s Environmental Alumni of the Year Award, proudly works with a trusted staff to reduce the stores’ carbon footprint. They also continue to provide entertainment studios the avenue to recycle their valuable inventories instead of them ending up in landfills.

IT’S A WRAP! BURBANK is located at 3315 W. Magnolia Blvd. Call (818) 567-7366 for more info.

IT’S A WRAP! WESTSIDE is located at 1164 S. Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles. Call (310) 246-WRAP [9727].


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