Realtors to the Seniors: Santoro and Sons Helps Seniors Tackle the Real Estate Market!


George Robinson, Buyer’s Agent and Realtor Extraordinaire.

Is it time to move closer to the family and spend more time with the grand kids? Maybe it is more health related and your home is too big or too much to handle now? Whatever the reason that you might need to move; making the call to get some help is the hardest step. Santoro and Sons, Realtors to the Seniors, is here to help. We have resources – and by that I mean when you call us, it’s like calling the Calvary. We have estate sales companies, packers and movers, gardeners, cleaning crews, handymen … you need it, we have it. Plus we offer a discount on escrow fees, termite work, and other necessary services, just for Seniors.

Gigi Santoro, Realtor to the Seniors.

Our clients say really nice things about us, and we appreciate that because we work hard to make sure they are completely satisfied. We do things like anticipate their needs beyond just selling their home — we look at the whole, complete picture. An example would be our clients Harold and Emma Landis, who decided to sell their sprawling ranch style home, with just too big of a lot to manage anymore in Burbank — to move up north to live closer to their kids. We took the time to find out if they were able to transfer their Prop 13 tax basis to their new county. We worked with their Realtor up north to make sure they had all the important bases covered when making an offer and coordinated with their moving company. We sold their home for over asking price in a few short days. Harold said, “I had no idea this was going to be as easy as it was – from start to finish we were in good hands! I recommend Gigi and her team to anyone needing to make a move.”

Our other specialty is helping Seniors find a new home in the same area – one that is more manageable or maybe even transition into an assisted living environment. George Robinson, Realtor and “Buyers Agent Extraordinaire,” has developed a large network of resources to help Seniors discover their options and make informed choices when selling their home and moving. George also helps first time homebuyers make informed decisions and choices. Just ask his past clients – they say things like, “Without George and his experience, we would still be renting.”

Whatever your next move, don’t worry, remember you are in excellent hands, and our promise to you is simple: We represent you as if you were family. Give us a call and let us show you what being a part of the Santoro Family really means. You will be glad you did — (818) 237-5687!

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