Rosie’s Story


By Lisa Gizara

Little pink Rosie.

Little pink Rosie was our foster “daughter” until we found a wonderful organization that was able to re-home her. These wonderful rescue organizations throughout the United States dedicate themselves to preserving the lives of pets too often cast away and left at shelters. Rosie’s story is a happy one, but countless other animals are euthanized at city pounds and shelters after as little as 48 hours of being dropped off. We wish to thank the private rescue organizations, non-profits, and countless individuals that dedicate themselves to selflessly saving animal’s lives daily. Please help by making donations, contributing pet supplies, or even adopting a precious life today! If you can’t adopt at this time, why not consider fostering a pet?

Rosie was rescued at four months old off of Death Row at the Compton pound. I had extensively explored all of the organizations down here in Los Angeles, but no one had the room to spare. Then, a wonderful nonprofit organization in Kirkville, WA took her in. welcomed Rosie with open arms. k9rr has rescued and placed 450 dogs since September 2010. Only one month later Rosie was placed in a loving home. Rosie also has a new Staffordshire doggie sister that she spends time with whenever her new mommy has to work. I am so indebted and grateful for k9rr’s dedication and ability to re-home our little Rosie. And most of all I am happy that Rosie’s life will be filled with the love and the serenity that she deserves.

Every day, countless organizations and individuals are on the front lines working tirelessly to save as many as these innocent lives as possible. Please consider helping in any way that you can.

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