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By Greg Smith, Staff Writer

Seaweed Salad.

Slip inside the front door of Gindi Thai for a drink; share an appetizer with a friend, or a romantic dinner for two. Hip and sophisticated, this Burbank restaurant stands out among the competition by letting their menu do most of the talking.

And the menu has plenty to say: the Steamed Dumplings with Curry Sauce speak to me first, filled plump with tender chicken and vegetables, and drizzled with spicy coconut curry on top.

Sitting at the bar, I strike up a conversation with a gentleman named Tom Martin. He has ordered some food To-Go for his family, and decides to treat himself with a glass of wine while he waits. Pressed for his personal preference, the attorney-at-law is quick and enthusiastic in his response:

“You can’t really go wrong, but as far as appetizers go, the Roti with Green Curry is phenomenal.”

The pan-fried Roti, or Asian pita bread, is served with spicy coconut cream green curry dipping sauce. Tom also has high praises for the Corn Fritters, Sushi Rolls, Chicken Satay, Pad Thai, Filet Mignon, Spring Rolls, and Soup.

Avocado Roll.

“Satisfying and distinct, the eclectic Asian-fusion variety of Gindi Thai is peerless. I’d suggest going with a group of people, enough to mix-and-match — get a taste of everything,” Tom says.

At this point he’s preaching to the choir, though sharing isn’t really my forte. The Mango Avocado Shrimp Salad is fresh and robust, tossed in spicy dressing.

Next, the Blue Crab Hand Roll is wrapped in soy paper and filled with the tastiest crab meat I’ve ever partaken in. The ambience and the music, the tastes coupled with the company, the spicy paired with the sweet, Gindi Thai appeals to both instinct and intellect, with an outcome of a renewed sense of self, a sublime moment of Zen.

A part of the Burbank Media District, Gindi Thai has been the premiere hotspot — Asian or otherwise — for five years and counting. Be transported to a classic, ultra-posh restaurant where the clientele ranges from businessmen and -women to actors and other artists.

Owner Eric Sansangasakun’s MO since the beginning has been taking authentic Thai dishes and putting a spin on them with Western flourishes. It is this respect for the past while simultaneously forging a new, hip identity that has made Gindi Thai a local’s favorite in addition to inspiring acolytes from surrounding areas.

The décor is modern and chic, the architecture stylish and cosmopolitan. Gindi Thai is where business and pleasure mix and mingle to meet over a cocktail — or two.

Gindi Thai is located at 4017 Riverside Dr. in Burbank. For reservations, call (818) 567-1221 or visit

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