The People Have Spoken: Gindi Thai, Yelped


Cubed Mignon.

Everyone is a critic. When babies learn to talk, it’s partly to voice those non-articulate wails of sorrow, confusion, or fury. We all have complaints, but listening to someone else’s negativity is never as entertaining as, say, doing the complaining yourself. That’s where Yelp comes in, where your whines are always welcome.

So positivity can be a rare bird on a forum for people’s gripes. Yelpers are more likely to review a place they don’t like than a place they love. It’s just human nature. Gindi Thai’s reviews are stellar considering this fact. And the praise rings true.

Cocktail from full bar.

“Be still my beating heart! An affordable Thai place that I like in my hood! YAYAYAY!!!!” writes one reviewer. What enthusiasm! We’d like to note that the “hood” she’s referring to is the Burbank Media District — and she’s not the only one who’s grateful.

“There is an abundance of alcohol bottles and it seems like the bartenders could make whatever you want,” another reviewer raves. While this is very close to the truth, in the interest of full disclosure the bartenders can’t make: truth serums, love potions, or anything related to one’s immortality. Sorry, the mojitos are great though.

“The curry was so good I wanted to lick the plate!” We completely understand; oftentimes we get that urge, too.

“Didn’t try my partner’s salad, but she ate it all, so there you go.” Who can blame her? We see that problem all the time.

A different patron raves, “Here’s what I suggest my fellow Yelpers try:

  • Cubed Mignon: This is the most tender, wonderfully seasoned steak you will ever have.
  • Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with Ginger: This is what I get when I feel the need to diet without feeling deprived of tasty, yummy food. It’s delish.
  • Som Tom Gindi

(Papaya Salad): Secret, this is spicy! Save the juice for later….

  • Pad Thai: Yes, the Pad Thai is seriously the best!
  • Curry a Trois: Three different curries, all so yummy.
  • Lovely Lipda Roll: Yellowtail and shrimp – about as lovely as it gets.
  • Mango-go-Tokyo: Coconut shrimp with mango-pineapple sauce on top — sushi like no other!”

Right on the money, but we wouldn’t suggest eating all of this in one sitting.

Don’t you think it’s time to write your own review? Gindi Thai is located at 4017 W. Riverside Dr. in Burbank. They deliver and cater. To make reservations, call (818) 567-1221 or visit

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