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Children can play in their own salt room, equipped with toys, games, books and cable TV.

Salt Chalet is a wellness center that offers salt room therapy, a treatment that occurs in a unique microclimate that mimics the salt mines found throughout Eastern Europe. The therapeutic nature of these mines was first discovered many years ago when miners reported significant improvement in respiratory conditions after having spent hours below ground in salt mines. The air in salt mines is filled with salt particles and permeated with negative ions, which clears breathing passages and lungs and has a host of other effects that, according to studies conducted in Russia and Poland, dramatically improve ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, chronic ENT (ear-nose-throat) illnesses, eczema, and psoriasis. Recent medical studies in Europe and Canada have shown that salt rooms can also benefit other conditions such as snoring, colds, allergies, wheezing, smoker’s cough, influenza and chest tightness. This therapy, called Speleo-therapy (treatment in a natural salt cave) or Halotherapy (treatment in a simulated salt environment), is widely acclaimed and has been used since the 19th century.

The husband and wife duo, owners David Mashiah and Dikla Kadosh came into the salt room profession purely by chance. Almost three years ago, Dikla’s father sent her an article from an Israeli magazine. It concerned a family whose children suffered from severe and chronic respiratory problems. They were in and out of emergency rooms, had trouble sleeping and could rarely ever just enjoy being kids. The mother was running out of options, but like most mothers, had a whole lot of fight left in her. While researching alternative methods of treatment, she came across a salt room in Israel. She put her children in treatment and was amazed by the life-changing results. Her children finally had a chance to live normal, healthy lives. The mother immediately built a salt room in her house.

Dikla found this article to be an inspiring human interest piece concerning the lengths a mother will go to for her children. When she showed it to David, he saw it as a unique business opportunity beneficial to everyone. They researched it online and realized there was nothing like it on the West Coast. And from that, their journey began.

Since then, Dikla posits that the biggest challenge has been to get the word out about Salt Chalet.

A second adult room offers relaxing massages to complement the salt therapy.

“It’s not so simple to explain. Particularly here in America people have been skeptical, but if you ask anyone with respiratory problems, it’s extremely common for more traditional remedies to contain salt of some kind. Take doctor prescribed saline rinses, for example. While they work somewhat, the rinses don’t get to the lungs where the problem starts. In our Halotherapy rooms, the salt is in such tiny particles that actually reach your inner respiratory system and heal you from within.

“It hasn’t been so hard to convince people of Salt Chalet’s legitimacy. Once we get a chance to explain our method, people realize that it’s not a leap of faith at all.”

When asked about her personal experience with the salt rooms, Dikla answers without hesitation:

“When our son was three months old, he had a nasty cold. Naturally, he was a feisty baby and it was difficult trying to get saline drops in his nose to clear his congestion, as the pediatrician had suggested.

“After conferring with our pediatrician, we decided to try taking him in there for 15 minutes. Within a day, our baby was completely cleaned out and back to normal. And that made me one happy mother!”

One treatment session lasts 45 minutes, and depending on the extent of the condition, 12-15 sessions are recommended. There are no limits on the number of sessions one can take, as Halotherapy is a gentle, natural treatment with no side effects. There is also no age restriction. Very small children have shorter sessions with lower salt concentration. The patients sit in relaxed positions on the comfortable lounge chairs. Kids can play in the large children’s room or saltbox, where sand is substituted by fine grain salt. During the session, in an entirely benign way, a small amount of dry salt aerosol is filtered into the salt room.

At Salt Chalet, their mission is to improve the quality of life for people who have resigned themselves to living with daily discomfort, pain, uneasiness and hardship. Salt Chalet offers a healthy, natural and safe alternative to steroids, drugs and other invasive medicines.

Dikla and David welcome your questions and look forward to becoming your oasis for healthy breathing. Salt Chalet is located at 17401 Ventura Blvd. Suite B17 in Encino. For more information, call (818) 907-9512, visit www.SaltChalet.com or email your questions to Info@SaltChalet.com.

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