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The year was 1967 and I was immersed in producing a weekly dining and entertainment section called “Leisure Time” for the then thriving Glendale and Burbank dailies plus the free circulation Star which totaled more than 90,000 papers. It was an appealing circulation for advertisers and a sleep-robbing assignment for me and a skeletal staff.

I wrote my dining column mostly about full menu restaurants and was less than elated that yet another franchise chicken place was arriving on the scene and seeking some press. But I changed my attitude totally with my first delicious piece of Dinah’s Fried Chicken and I’m still a customer after 45 years. The neat little place that can is a second generation family owned success in the mini mall on San Fernando Road just off Los Feliz in Glendale and has retained its popularity despite the rise of rotisserie and grilled fowl places. Dinah’s deep fried secret is that the meaty fowl pieces are lightly seasoned and then “broasted” under pressure which cooks faster and hotter sealing flavor in and oil out. You can eat lunch or dinner in the cozy dining room or take-home boxes and even a barrel of the golden birds seven days a week. The mashed potatoes and gravy are authentic and the cole slaw is crisp and fresh though the Palate fervently wishes they’d reinstate the unique pineapple slaw which was even better.

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