Malbec offers a taste of Argentina in Toluca Lake

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Malbec has been a favorite spot for several years, but I had never tried their Happy Hour. It was a beautiful day, so my friend and I sat outside on the patio. Our server, Jill, promptly greeted us with menus and asked us if we cared for something to drink. We were not familiar with the wines by the glass listed on the menu, so Jill described them expertly.

We opted for the Anko Torrontes Salta and the Casa de Bosque Sauvignon Blanc, which were delicious, although we both liked the Torrontes best. Before we ordered, Jill brought a basket of bread with a piquant chimichurri dipping sauce. Yum…

The menu featured a varied selection, and most items were under $10. To get a taste of a few dishes, we opted to share. We began with the fried calamari, light and crispy, and accompanied by a Pequillo pepper sauce and a caper aioli.

Argentina is celebrated for its beef, so we had to have the skirt steak, nestled on a bed of mashed potatoes. The meat was tender and juicy, a perfect medium rare as ordered. The green peppercorn sauce was a delightful complement, without drowning out the natural flavor of the meat.

We could have stopped at that point, but no, we were enjoying our feast too much for that. So we each had an empanada, one chicken, one lamb – delicious – but a little heavy on the crust.

The consensus? Malbec’s Happy Hour is a great deal, and the food is out of this world.

Malbec is located at 10151 Riverside Dr. in Toluca Lake. Call (818) 762-4860.

Laura Voeth has worked for some of L.A.’s most prestigious restaurants and her reviews have been published since 2002.


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Laura Voeth has worked for some of L.A.’s most prestigious restaurants. In 2002, she began reviewing restaurants for Beverly Hills-based “Women On Top” magazine. She is also a freelance writer.

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