Studio City’s Bistro Garden offers California-style continental cuisine in a European winter garden setting

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The Bistro Garden still looks as fresh and beautiful as it did when it opened in 1990. Located at the former site of the legendary Tail O’ the Cock, it is a welcome haven from busy Ventura Blvd. The room’s garden feel is enhanced by spacious 30-foot ceilings with skylights.

My friend and I met for lunch and were seated at a lovely table. We were greeted promptly by an attentive waiter. It was an unseasonably warm day, so when it came time to order we both opted for selections from the pantry—a curried chicken salad and a cold poached salmon. We paired our choices with a reasonably priced Acacia chardonnay. Our waiter asked us in advance if we wanted to order a chocolate or lemon soufflé, as they take some time to prepare. We declined (this time) knowing that there were other dessert options available. The dishes we ordered were light, so surely there would be room for a crème brulee or a warm tarte tatin.

We chatted and sipped our wine until luncheon was served. Both dishes were attractively presented. A mound of lightly curried chicken salad, nestled in a bed of mixed greens with hard-boiled egg, papaya and avocado, was crisp and inviting. The salmon, a generous portion poached and chilled, then gently herbed was scrumptious on its own, but the sauce verde, thoughtfully served on the side was a superb complement. The cucumber salad was so yummy, I ate every bite. No room for dessert now. Guess I’ll just have to go back…

Bistro Garden is located at 12950 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. For reservations and information call (818) 501-0202.

Laura Voeth’s reviews have been published since 2002. She’s also worked for some of L.A.’s most prestigious restaurants.  


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Laura Voeth has worked for some of L.A.’s most prestigious restaurants. In 2002, she began reviewing restaurants for Beverly Hills-based “Women On Top” magazine. She is also a freelance writer.

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