Rick Springfield Has Energy, Talent, and Is Still Rockin’


By Lorenzo Marchessi

Rick Springfield.

62-year-old, Australian-born, actor, writer, musician, performer, and family man: Rick Springfield is still making his mark in the music industry. Rick has had 17 Top 40 hits, played Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, and appeared in the TV pilot in 1978 of Battlestar Galactica.

Set to perform a concert at the Burbank Starlight Bowl, Rick intends to introduce new songs from his forthcoming CD (presently untitled) which will be released Oct. 6 — his 18th!

Performing fromCanadatoLas Vegas, Rick will be heading toCancunfor a unique concert/party experience in November. “We’ve been doing this for the last four years,”Springfieldsays. “A big land event inCancunwhere we do all kinds of different sets of music, a beach concert … we have such a great time with celebrities and fans. “

Rick was also the subject of a documentary called An Affair of the Heart, which was produced to give insights onSpringfield’s actual fan following. “I thought it was going to be a straight documentary, but they went a completely different direction with it. They talked to fans, went into their homes, followed them around … fans that have been with me for over 30 years. The stories are deep — pretty emotional stuff.”

Live Rick Springfield.

New for Springfieldwas his guest appearance on the TV Land hit series Hot in Cleveland. “It was really, really great. Those ladies are consummate professionals – they’re so good at what they do.” About working on a sitcom Rick explains, “It was really new to me – I’ve never done a sitcom like this. I was so used to episodics and film that doing a show once – in front of a live audience — was scary, but a lot of fun!”

One of his more personal projects is a CD of lullabies for children called My Precious Little One. He says it was inspired more than 25 years ago when singing his own children to sleep. “I was helping my kids get to sleep and I ended up given copies to friends with kids … and I never meant to release it – it was just a personal thing. I got a lot of letters about how parents were putting their kids to sleep with it.”

Still, Rick Springfield, always busy with his many projects, admits he is a family man/”homebody”: “I have a studio in my home. When I go out for a couple days there’s a lot of flying, but I come home and stay connected with my family. That’s important to me.”

Warm, friendly, and extremely down-to-earth, Rick Springfield is a person with a creative heart and soul that continues to share his talents worldwide. Follow him on his website www.RickSpringfield.com. Rick Springfield will perform at the Burbank Starlight Bowl on Saturday, Aug. 11.

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