Take a cruise with expert voiceover artist Bob Bergen C-c-c-c-come sail away with eh-puh-peh-eh Porky Pig!

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So you need to hone your voiceover skills and want to learn how to market yourself, but you also really need a vacation? Why not do it all at once on a Mexican Riviera Voiceover Cruise with entertainment’s top voiceover (VO) artist?

Two-time Emmy-nominated Bob Bergen has been voicing beloved cartoon characters for 28 years. When Bergen was a kid, he told his mom he wanted to be Porky Pig. She replied, “You can’t be Porky Pig; you’re Jewish.” Good thing nobody told Mel Blanc that. But Bergen was determined.

He crashed a recording session with Blanc and watched him in action. Then he began a journey to learn all he could about being a professional VO artist, eventually becoming Performer’s Peer Group Co-Governor (along with actress Patrika Darbo) for the Television Academy.

“It’s not about the voice,” Bergen says, who in addition to Porky Pig voiced Tweety Bird, Luke Skywalker and worked in films like Sing, Cars, Wreck-It Ralph and WALL·E, “It’s about the acting.” If your friends say you sound great, Bergen advises, “Don’t spend the money for VO classes until you’ve studied acting. And improv is the most important training.”

Bergen, who will be teaching workshops with fellow VO artist Mary Lynn Wissner, says, “This cruise is for working professionals in various stages of their careers.” The three-day adventure offers all-day commercial, animation and VO marketing workshops.

Bergen says, “Social media followers are like the old Nielsen ratings — you must learn how to market yourself. Never has there been more VO work than right now.”

For the complete itinerary and to book the Saturday, January 5 through Saturday, January 12, 2019 Mexican Riviera Voiceover Cruise out of Los Angeles (San Pedro) on board the Ruby Princess visit BobBergen.com or call Marian at (917) 842-5395. Families are welcome, and if you book through Bergen’s site they will receive a special rate.


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