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Several reactions to a recent column reminder to take home what you don’t eat in a restaurant.

One reader complained that his spouse won’t let him ask for a doggie bag “because it makes us look cheap.” Wrong — it makes you look smart. Once food is on the table or counter it’s yours.  You will pay for every morsel and nobody else will eat your perfectly good leftovers which by law must go straight into the garbage. That includes fresh dinner rolls and other staples. It’s a terrible nutritional waste when the price of groceries keeps escalating.

To make matters worse in tight timesAmerica, we statistically waste 40 per cent of what we buy at the super markets.

Some folks make sure they get more than they pay for at buffets like The Sizzler where multiple plates can be piled high. Observe the spreading hips and bulging bellies of self servers and it’s a disturbing sight.

There’s nothing much to salvage from the likes of IHOP or Denny’s, and fast food is mostly gobbled at the scene of the crime.

So with compliments to the chef and a generous gratuity at that upscale dining place, I’m shamelessly toting home wholesome leftovers for an encore warm up. To be truthful, it beats the heck out of my skillet skills.


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