The Proposition Shines at HollyShorts Film Festival


Todd Stashwick and Tiffany Elle star in the film “The Proposition” directed by Ed Stein.

The Seventh Annual HollyShorts Film Festival wraps on Thursday, August 18. This will be after having delivered a variety of 300 short films pared down from 1,000 submitted entries from over 20 countries.

Each film is noted for its creativity and unique quality, and the event serves up a solid buffet of varied themes sure to serve any movie lovers’ taste. The event is filled with short films, panels, parties and awards and an eclectic audience from throughout the world made the scene. Led by Daniel Sol, Theo Dumont and Nicole Castro, HollyShorts gives a vital salute to the short film. From the small sampling I saw — what an array. Be sure to put it on your list for next year.

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to see 13 wonderful little movies selected to be in the festival at the Laemmle on Sunset in Hollywood. One of the standouts of the evening was The Proposition, directed and written by Ed Stein. Stein brings a unique and fun twist to an old concept — the hitman. You are in for some surprises. The dialogue is well paced and sets up the premise. Tightly scripted, the movie knocks off the essential elements in a few minutes. The film is sparked by the acting talents of Tiffany Elle, Megli Micek and Todd Stashwick, who deadpan and act in a business-as-usual manner. Stein demonstrates considerable skill in his directing and writing.

Behind the scenes producers include Jessica Mathews, Gavin Barclay and Max Osswald. Matthias Schubert is director of photography and Cole Newman is the music composer.

The Proposition is a sharp-shooter short film with lots of hits and no misses. With delightful moviemaking such as this, here is a proposition that you can buy in to: Ed Stein is truly on target in both writing and direction for more great films. Be sure to check out HollyShorts at

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