Who Are You Going with to Prom?


From Walt Disney Pictures’ comes the dramatic comedy Prom. At Prom, every couple has a story and no two are exactly alike. Several intersecting stories unfold at one high school as the big dance approaches; Prom portrays the precarious passage from high school to independence as some relationships unravel and others ignite.

In the United States, the senior prom (from the word “promenade”) is one of high school’s most important events — a party that celebrates the end of an era in a teenager’s life. Many countries have similar teen celebrations. Whether it marks coming-of-age or graduation, the special night sparks the same excitement and anticipation for teens all over the world.

For Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden), it’s a battle of wills as she finds herself drawn to the guy (Thomas McDonell) who gets in the way of her perfect prom. Fellow seniors Mei (Yin Chang) and Tyler (De’Vaughn Nixon) harbor secrets, while others face all the insecurity and anticipation that surrounds one of high school’s most seminal events. There are hundreds of nights in high school, but there’s only one Prom.

How did the filmmakers come to make a movie about prom? Producer Justin Springer explains, “The initial idea was to tell an authentic version of teenage life in high school that wasn’t centered on dancing or singing or the pursuit of a sports championship. We decided that by centering the story on prom, the big event became a magnifier that allows teenage emotions to come out.”

When the big night comes, Prom promises to deliver a film filled with humor and drama. With its share of teen angst balanced by both comedic and heartfelt moments, Prom will immerse the viewing audience in a relatable world with several storylines populated by original characters drawn from the high school experience.

As Director Joe Nussbaum says, “Every couple, every person has a story. This movie tells all those stories — and everyone out there can relate to one of those stories and feel like it resonates with their own prom experience.”

Prom, opening in theaters on April 29, features a dynamic soundtrack showcasing musical talents such as Neon Trees, Travie McCoy, Band of Horses, M83, Passion Pit, Smith Westerns, Allstar Weekend, Shout Out Louds, Oh Darling and others.

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