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T35-22-ONLINE ONLY-Jackie Joseph ExtraPicture a person moving step by step making their way over cracked sidewalks, navigating around obstacles and avoiding hazardous issues. A piece of cake… right? Not if that person, like me, is visually impaired or blind. These are but a few of the challenges I and others affected by eye disease face every day. All of us who are blind encounter these and many more hurdles as we move through a world of darkness. However, we still have hope that we’ll come out of the black void.

That is because there have been a great number of advancements in the fight to treat and cure eye diseases in the last few years. Many of the new exciting developments have been a result of funding provided by The Foundation Fighting Blindness, “FFB”. Recently and most notable is the Bionic Retina (ARGUS 2) implant from Second Sight. This amazing device is allowing people to see shapes, large letters and other items for the first time in their lives. This is great progress for me and the millions of others who have lost their vision to eye diseases.

This emerging technology and other breakthroughs are reasons why it is crucial for The Foundation Fighting Blindness to continue its vital mission. And that is why I am contacting you to ask for your support and donation to this very important cause. Please go to our team page, “Adam’s Sighted Guides” at and make a contribution to help us and FFB continue the fight to treat and cure blindness.

FFB is holding its annual L.A. VisionWalk on November 1st this year. There are some exciting new things happening with our event. We’ve changed the location of the walk. We’re going to be celebrating VisionWalk at Woodley Park in Van Nuys. My team, “Adam’s Sighted Guides” is already working hard to help FFB raise funds at And for those who are new to VisionWalk or couldn’t attend the festivities last year we want you to know there will be another silent auction as well as a barbeque lunch on site. So I hope you’ll join our team and help me, my wife, Sheri and my guide dog, Escort raise money this year. We can’t do this by ourselves. We need your assistance to bring in lots of contributions.

FFB has assisted in many other ways to advance the work of dedicated doctors and clinicians working on treatments and cures for blindness. Clinical trials are being funded for certain gene therapies that have restored vision in patients who were virtually blind. The Foundation launched a human trial for Valproic acid, a drug to treat epilepsy, which shows promise for preserving vision in people with certain forms of ”RP.” FFB funded researchers are using stem cells derived from a variety of sources, including a person’s own skin, to create healthy retinal cells that can potentially restore vision.

These are just a few of the projects FFB is funding. Like the Bionic Retina, there will soon be more tangible results and progress towards treating and curing eye diseases. This provides me and all of us who are visually impaired another thread of hope to grab and hold while we wait for the day when we’ll be able to see again. Please visit our VisionWalk web page at and make a donation today. Your generosity and support will help FFB fund the next step in restoring my vision.

I can’t see fabulous sunsets, snow capped mountains or my wonderful wife, Sheri as I write this letter. However, I feel the possibility that I may be able to do so within my lifetime still exists. I am optimistic about this because The Foundation Fighting Blindness has kept up their commitment to provide money and resources for the important research required to accomplish this goal. You can turn the possibility of my seeing again into a reality by making a donation to Adam’s Sighted Guides at Then you can ask others to do the same on my behalf.

Thank you,
Adam Lawrence

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