A New Year, a new show with entertainment and deception on FOX

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My goodness, look at what the New Year has brought us. A FOX TV show about entertainment and deception that isn’t about politics!

Get ready for the wildest celebrity guessing game ever, when The Masked Singer, a new celebrity singing game show joins the FOX TV lineup on Wednesdays at 9pm, starting January 2.

Get ready for the wildest celebrity guessing game ever…

It features top-secret masked celebrities—ranging from Grammy Award winners to legendary athletes—disguised in bizarre costumes as a Rabbit, Raven, Hippo, Unicorn, Lion, Alien, Monster, Peacock, Poodle, Deer, Bee and Pineapple. They will all sing and a celebrity panel will try and guess who they are. Really, I’m not kidding. That’s the show—and it’s very entertaining.

Hosted by co-executive producer Nick Cannon, with panelists Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy, The Masked Singer is a celebrity singing competition that will have everyone asking, “Who’s behind the mask?”

Based on an international format, and already a viral phenomenon with over half a billion fans worldwide, the series features celebrities facing off against one another with the crazy twist that each singer is shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costume with full face mask to conceal his or her identity. With each performance, the host, panelists, audience, viewers and even the other contestants are left guessing who is singing behind the mask.

Although the celebrities’ identities are a mystery, between them they have a combined 65 Grammy Award nominations, 16 Emmy Award nominations, four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and four Super Bowl titles. The singers may attempt to throw the crowd off of their scent, while keen observers might pick up on tiny clues buried throughout the show. One singer will be eliminated by the audience and judges each week, based on their performance, and will then reveal his or her true identity. FOX TV says it’s not a “who done it,” it’s a “who sung it.” But not every competitor is known for his/her singing voice, and some may really shock you with their vocal skills.

Why are the celebrity contestants participating in this over-the-top game? At the Television Critics Association’s summer 2018 press tour FOX presented an interview panel and singer/songwriter Robin Thicke said he loves the mystery element to the show. “Some have had incredible careers and are looking for a way to re-energize them. Others are just looking to have fun,” according to Thicke, who has to figure out who’s who.

Actress/TV host Jenny McCarthy noted, “One could be an actress that we never knew had a singing voice. That’s what was so fun in trying to figure out who they are, because a lot of them looked like they’d been doing this for their whole lives, and we found out this was the first time they’ve performed on stage.”

Jenny added, “I think people are going to be surprised at how many people are so multitalented, where I’m still trying to figure out my own talent, sitting there, going ‘wow.’ The show was so fun for us, and when the finale came, it was bittersweet we didn’t want it to end.”

Produced by Endemol Shine North America, The Masked Singer is based on the South Korean format created by Mun Hwa Broadcasting and was developed for the U.S. Executive-produced by Craig Plestis (Minute to Win It), Izzie Pick Ibarra (Dancing with the Stars) also serves as an executive producer, and Alex Rudzinski (Grease: Live) directs.

The Masked Singer is the wildest celebrity guessing game ever. Tune in on FOX. 

Margie Barron is a member of the Television Critics Association and has written for a variety of top publications for more than 38 years. She was half of the husband and wife writing team of Margie and Frank Barron.


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