A Special Invitation from Rev. Pam MacGregor and the Science of Mind Spiritual Center-LA


By Rev. Pam

Rev. Pam MacGregor, Pastor/Director of the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles.

The Science of Mind Spiritual Center-LA has chosen October as Friendship Month. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The only way to have a friend is to be a friend.” Our community is reaching out to invite you to join us any Sunday this month and share the light of Truth with us. You will hear relevant messages you can apply to everyday life, in a friendly and casual environment.

Part of being human is the search to belong, to be accepted for who we are, and to be respected as individuals. We can say we are spiritual, talk about our beliefs in unity, and how we want to make the world a better place spirit to spirit, but we must actually practice our beliefs in order to realize them and live them. The SOMSC-LA is about recognizing the spirit in each of us. Lives change for the better as a result of this teaching. By sharing and proclaiming the good in our lives, we are uplifting the consciousness of everyone, and we see positive changes, healings, and transformations in people’s lives every day.

This is an invitation — an opportunity — for change, for dreams to come true, for greater health and restored and increased vitality; a chance to meet new people and build new friendships through fellowship. It takes a village!

Find out more about SOMSC-LA and listen to weekly messages at somspiritualcenterla.org.

The Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles Sunday Service is at 10:30 a.m. at The Colony Theatre located at555 N. Third St.inBurbank.


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