A Visit from Santa Cros


‘Twas the night before Christmas and down in the street

Each driver was texting or sending a tweet;

Some drivers drove fast while some drivers drove slow

Ignoring the rules of the road as they go;

Their children were strapped in the car seats in back

Hands busy with video games, mouths filled with some snack;

And though in the car Christmas music was playing

I’m sorry to say the whole mood thing was failing,

‘Cause Sirius radio was blasting some crap

That purported to be Yuletide tunes done in rap.

Still down to the shopping mall these drivers did go

With a car full of kids and a street full of snow;

The parking lot line snaked around and around

And cars sat there waiting without making a sound

It never occurred to these shoppers at the time

That all shopping could be done at home and online

The world has changed greatly since Clement Clark Moore

Wrote his St. Nicholas poem that we all adore,

For starters he wrote it on paper you see,

Then printed in book form for you and for me;

Not posted on Facebook not Myspace nor Tweet,

Not typed in a blog, not tattooed onto feet;

Just printed on paper, just paper and ink,

Moore gave us the best Christmas poem, I think;

It spoke of a moon and of new-fallen snow,

Of Santa and reindeer and objects below;

Now it’s all different, it’s not the same place

It’s iPods and iPads, and studs in your face;

It’s smartphones and Bluetooth and Xbox and Wii

It’s Kindle and eBook and HD-TV;

It’s Bieber not Perry, not Nat and not Bing

It’s Gaga not a girl who can actually sing

Times have altered what was once gentle and sweet,

Now we have occupiers taking the street;

Rules and regulations protect us from sin,

Don’t sit on Santa’s lap you don’t know where he’s been;

Eggnog can kill you, so can sugarplum pie,

Keep eating those cookies and you surely will die;

Forget warm glows from the fireplace this year

It’s bad for the environment, didn’t you hear?

To wish “Merry Christmas” once gave off good cheer

Now it’s considered offensive to hear;

The greeting is now “Happy winter to you

And all of the best for a solstice that’s true;”

No more singing of carols in grade school today;

No more present exchange, no more holiday play;

Political correctness has dulled up the season,

It turned a nice thing into junk for no reason;

Dressing up for the holidays was once truly swell

Now most people look like something from hell;

Attitude, ugliness, and low-class vulgarity,

Has taken the place of sweet sentimentality;

I know times do change, nothing is ever the same,

Innocence and warmth is gone and that’s really a shame

Still regardless of all that I’ve listed above,

I nevertheless want to wish you much love

With a holiday brimming with brightness and cheer

And good health to you all for the coming New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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