As I write this solemn column, the world is a sadder place.


 The first to leave us was a gentleman I did not know well, but we had fun at so many parties and functions we attended where we saw each other since the 1970’s.
He truly made Johnny Carson appear to be a star with his charm and humor.  Of course, his name was Ed McMahon, better known and loved as the “second banana” on The Tonight Show.
As the public was still paying tribute to Ed McMahon, lovely and talented icon Farrah Fawcett passed.
Many years ago, I heard about Horace Heidt’s Magnolia Estates apartments.  I called Horace, who was known worldwide as the head of Horace Heidt and his Musical Knights orchestra.
Horace and I met, and he showed my mom and me an apartment, which was charming—two bedrooms, two baths and a huge living room with glass doors that led to a private patio with a Roman water fountain.  The fountain had a switch inside which lit up the patio, and the water would splash away—delightful.  My mom and I took the apartment expecting to stay a year.  But we stayed for five of the happiest years of our lives.  We had three sofas in the living room, a desk, table and chairs, paintings and we could sit 20 people for our séances, held every Saturday night.
One afternoon, I went out for a swim, and there was a gentleman coming out of the pool.  He introduced himself as Bill Williams (the well-known film actor), and then said, “And this is my wife.”  I was so pleased to meet her—Barbara Hale (Della Street of the “Perry Mason” television show).  I loved the show then, and still watch it in reruns daily (don’t call me between 12 noon and 1 pm when it airs—I’m trying to “help” Perry solve the crime!).
Now after so many years I still talk to my adorable Barbara on the telephone, and she’s been to my Studio City home. While at Horace Heidt’s, I also met their son Billy Katt, who went on to star in the “Greatest American Hero” television show.  I had him on my psychic television show years later.
So many celebrated personalities have lived in the Estates over the years—singers Helen Forrest and Roberta Sherwood, actor Bob Cummings, my buddy Wally George who produced the “Sam Yorty Show” and actor Dick Van Patten, his wife Pat and their tennis-playing sons.
One morning, I went out around 9am, and was pleasantly shocked to see Vince Van Patten and his more-than-gorgeous companion Farrah Fawcett, really one of the most beautiful and fresh-looking girls I’d ever seen, with her hair flowing around her.  I recalled seeing her in her Breck hair commercials, and, of course, she starred with Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson in “Charlie’s Angels.”
Farrah was married to actor Lee Majors for some time but her longest relationship was with actor Ryan O’Neal, a man I feel was her true soul mate.  He was at her side when she sadly lost her brave battle with “C” (I don’t mention the word).
Within hours of Farrah’s passing, our world was shattered by the passing of Michael Jackson, only 50-years old, whose career made him timeless.
I remember when I had my home at the top of a hill on Encino Hills Drive.  My mom and I would drive to Havenhurst, and pass the Jackson family compound where a huge group of fans would be gathered at the walled estate.  We were on our way to Gelson’s Market to shop.  Many times, there would be Michael’s Rolls Royce driving around, and going to Gelson’s, too.
We got to briefly chatting at Gelson’s, and after saying hello to my mom, he’d shyly ask my mom to ask me to tell him what the spirit world said for his future.  I would be in the middle of touching a watch or ring, and telling him what the spirits had in mind for him.  His eyes would twinkle… and then we’d see fans approaching, and he’d jump in and drive away in his Rolls.
Several months later, Valerie and I would meet him again at Gelson’s, and he’d give me his telephone number, ask me to come for lunch or dinner and “please bring those good ones from Heaven who will have messages for me because I believe in them,” he’d say.
He’d run off again to his Rolls, smiling and waving, saying goodbye to Valerie and myself “and all your angels—see you soon,” he said.  And of course he saw them sooner than ever expected.
I’ve been asked by news agencies all over the world what Farrah’s told me or what Michael’s doing on the other side.  I have told them as I’ll tell you: all  three people—Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson—are resting, and will be for some time.  They must recuperate from their illnesses, and in Michael’s case, the pure shock to his system from such a sudden passing.
Sweet Spirits, in closing this poignant column, may I ask you to please pray for the three people we’ve just discussed.  And for myself, I ask you to say a prayer or hold a brief meditative thought for my beloved mother Catherine Kaye Kingston who passed away 25 years ago on July 7, and for my grandmother Catherine Walsh Clark, who left Earthplane July 30 when I was a very young boy.  I still miss them and talk to them.
May all of their souls be healthy and happy on the other side.  And of course, I wish the same for your loved ones who have made the transition.

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