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Dear Sandy,
Over the years I have loaned money to a number of family members and friends, and some have repaid me but most of them have not. I now find myself in financial need but the people to whom I’ve loaned money are not stepping up to pay back what they owe. They don’t even have the decency to tell me they can’t repay me. I truly don’t expect to have them fall at my feet in gratitude but can you suggest a way to keep me from resenting them for buying new TV’s and game systems, while I can’t afford to pay my dentist bill?

JD, La Habra

Dear JD,
It is not always the people we have helped who return the favor by helping us. You may find that it will be others who step in to help when you have a need. In many ways, you give too much of yourself and do not honor your own needs and talents. You rely upon others to appreciate you, instead of appreciating and respecting yourself.
Bottom line—you can expect about 300 dollars from a few of the people to whom you lent money. The best way to deal with the anger, which is really not directed toward those to whom you loaned money but back at yourself for being taken advantage of by these people, is to forgive yourself for lending out the money in the first place.
Focus on receiving abundance to take care of your needs. Your abundance is not necessarily provided by any one person but by the universe; stay open to the universe’s ability to bring in the money or resources you desire.
Bless those you have helped, ask that they be blessed abundantly in their life and let them go in a loving way.
Coming from a loving position will help you to be open to receiving. Anger and hatred only inhibit our ability to receive. Do not lend money and do not work for free without first praying to see if it is the right thing to do.
Many times we can interfere with another’s life lessons by providing for them when they need to go through an experience or process for growth.
Your anger will recede when you allow yourself to be more open to the universe taking care of you and providing for you, and when you have let go of those you’ve helped. You learned a great lesson in setting boundaries and in doing favors without expectations.
With love and gratitude,


Dear Sandy:
It feels as if there’s a female entity hanging around the house, specifically in the bedroom, where I’m staying. I think it is the deceased mother-in-law of the current owner. The room gets VERY cold to the point where I get chilled. I often wake up between 3-3:15am because the room has become icy cold.
This morning I awakened in such despair and with no constitution for living. It wasn’t like me at all. I was wondering if this was the feeling of the mother-in-law before she passed away, supposedly, locked in her bathroom. Could she have committed suicide?

Thank-you for your insight,
Annie R., Pacific Palisades

Dear Annie,
I feel the presence of the wife of the man who lives in the house in which you are currently living. She feels the need to take care of her husband. Her presence is very strong in the kitchen and in the inside porch area. This spirit has a lot of anxiety, and a feeling of helplessness. She does not want you there; this is her house, and this is her husband!
There is also a grandmother present in this home, and yes, she is related to the deceased wife. It does not come through though that she committed suicide. It feels that she slept in the room you have taken as your bedroom.
Pray for their highest good, and visualize them in divine white light. By doing this, the deceased wife will know that you are not a threat to her.
Visualize the wife and the grandmother in this white light to help bring them spiritual support. Lastly, I would have someone come in and spiritually cleanse the house so it may become a home.


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