‘Child of the ‘70s’

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Well folks, I went to the premiere of Season 5 for the popular web series “Child of the ‘70s” on February 1 at Loft Ensemble in Sherman Oaks. It was the night before the show launched its final season online.

It was a bittersweet celebration because this series marks the debut of my character, Frances Rye, the Diva soap opera star, who morphs into other characters I’ve created such as Magenta De Beers, “Alice” The Maid, Miko “Ming Ling” Makada, Rabbi Herbert Schweitzergold, and B. Fred Baker.

Kat Kramer as “B. Fred Baker” from Season 5 of “Child of the ‘70s.” Photo by Billy Bennight

I joined the show in Season 3 as did our marvelous director, Tom Pardoe. The series was created by the uber-talented Michael Vaccaro who stated he “had a desire to create my own original content for the web.” Michael also stars as the lead character Carlo Perdente as well as co-writing, and producing all five seasons through his banner Under The Counter Productions.

The focus is largely on icons of the 1970s and such actors and personalities as Donna Pescow and Gery Jewell have guest starred. As a cast regular and associate producer, I was pleased to recruit Ted Lange and Judy Tenuta to the already stellar ensemble that includes Ann Walker, Susan Olsen, Bruce Vilanch, Sheena Metal, Randy Jones, Scott Travis, Carol Ita White, Terry Ray, Michael Hennessy, Chuck Saculla, Leo Forte, Mel England, David S. Zimmerman, Jerry Rosenberg, Elizabeth Regan, Beverly Sanders, Orestes Sophocleous, the late Laura Harden, and many others. Terrence Moss-Dujardin has co-written along with Vaccaro a hilarious and heartfelt show.

It’s important you watch all five seasons in order, so as not to miss the big “surprise.” Check it out on YouTube, and for more reference please visit TheOfficialChildOfThe70s.com.

Live your dreams…..


Katharine “Kat” Kramer is an actress and daughter of legendary filmmaker Stanley Kramer and actress Karen Sharpe-Kramer. She was named after her godmother, iconic actress Katharine Hepburn. For information on Kramer’s current projects visit KatKramersFilmsThatChangeTheWorld.com.


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