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Think of the smallest thing you can imagine. What would that be? Maybe the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted on the head of a pin. Maybe the lint from a gnat’s belly-button, or an atom in a speck of dust. For me, there’s no contest. The smallest thing I can imagine is the collective mentality of the Los Angeles City Council, who just this week voted to boycott the state of Arizona, calling the people of that state “Nazis.”

In the warped minds of the L.A. City Council, Arizona is equal to Hitler’s Nazi Germany because they have actually passed a law which allows police officers to check the immigration status of a person if they are engaged in committing a crime or otherwise violating the law. If those lawbreakers are proven to be in our country illegally, then they will be arrested and given over to immigration authorities for deportation. That’s it, that’s the law. And that, in the moronic convoluted logic of the City Council, makes the entire state of Arizona another Nazi Germany.

Leading the charge of idiocy is Councilman Paul Koretz, who said at the meeting, “This is very frightening. If this was being proposed at the federal level, I would think we were absolutely at the very beginnings of what went on in Nazi Germany.” Either Koretz is completely ignorant about Nazi Germany, or he is completely ignorant about the Arizona law. The Nazis rounded up and exterminated over 20 million people. Is that what he really thinks is going on in Arizona?

Councilwoman Janice Hahn, one of the co-sponsors of the “ban Arizona” motion, is a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, which might explain why she is pandering to the “open border” crowd. She was interviewed by attorney/talk show host Greta Van Susteren on TV following the vote and it was painfully clear that she has never read the Arizona law is much against.

Councilman Ed Reyes, another one of the resolution’s sponsors, said, “As an American, I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport. If I come across an officer who’s having a bad day and feels that the picture on my ID is not me, I can be … deported, no questions asked. That is not American.’’ Well, it’s also not true. The Arizona law calls for nothing like that. But this lying about the Arizona law is going on all across the country. It’s the old propaganda ploy that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will eventually start to believe it.

The only City councilman who had the guts to vote against the boycott was Greig Smith of the San Fernando Valley. God bless him, I hope he and his family know where they can obtain bullet-proof vests.

Under the boycott, the city council suspended all travel to Arizona for city-related business. It also banned new contracts with companies headquartered in Arizona, when legally and fiscally possible, and ordered a review of all existing city contracts. The city controller’s office says L.A. has 15 contracts with Arizona-based companies that are worth a combined total of about $8 million.

The city’s proprietary departments – Water and Power, Harbor and Airport – have another $52 million in affected contracts, but the City Council can only ask those departments to terminate the contracts – they don’t have to comply. But the hypocritical thing is that the city won’t be suspending their business activities with Mesa Airlines and US Air, two Arizona companies. To do so would mean too much lost money for the city. No, they’ll just stop doing business with the little guys.

Beyond all else, these people who compare upholding U.S. immigration laws with World War II Nazi activity are insulting anyone who knows what the Holocaust was all about. It is an insult to all Americans. And it is an insult and a tremendous slap in the face to all Jewish people. As an American Jew I resent it strongly. Besides that, it is just plain stupid. If you call the honest, law abiding citizens of Arizona “Nazis,” what are you going to call people who really engage in genocide? Super-duper Nazis?

Once again the Los Angeles City Council comes down on the side of law breakers. Once again politicians go against the will of the people – the people who elected them into office. By the way, just who the heck was it that elected these people into office anyway?

You know, I had no intension of going anywhere any time soon, but I think my wife and I might just take a little trip to Arizona for a few days and spend some money in that state.

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