Dr. Jallow Challenges Lowe’s Directors & CEO to Reinstate Ad at Reality Show All-American Muslim


I am sure that you are fully aware of the national indignation the Lowe’s Companies created with the cancelation of their advertisement with the TLC reality show All-American Muslim.

The critics have labeled Lowe’s Companies’ action as disgraceful, racist, and anti-Islam.

I have surveyed recent press coverage of the issue and could not find an articulate reason on which Lowe’s Companies based its judgment for canceling its advertisement.

The corporation seems to claim that it was pressured by a small religious activist group named “The Florida Family Association” to cancel the TV show advertisement.

Can you tell Lowe’s shareholders what type of business logic that makes a global corporation comply with such a demand and expose itself to:

— The aggravation and not shopping at Lowe’s by members of the eight-million Muslim-American consumers, and

—?The indignation and the reaction of 60 countries of Islamic heritage.

International corporations (like Lowe’s) are expanding in 50 of those emerging markets and manufacturing their goods in the other ten of low labor cost countries.

The press has reported that not only Muslims are aggravated by such an action, but many prominent religious groups, civil rights organizations, political leaders, and thousands American citizens are disgusted of Lowe’s Companies stand on the issue.

It is not too late for you as a Chief Executive of the Corporation to remedy the situation by taking simple actions:

—?To make a sincere apology to all those concerned,

— To reinstate the advertisement for the TLC Reality Show, All -American Muslim and,

— To pledge to be careful in the future about similar religious-ethnic-culture-action that negatively impacts the corporation business and the value of investment in Lowe’s shares.

Taking these simple and symbolic actions will not only remedy the ill-effect of the cancellation of advertisement, but it will bring goodwill and admiration for the executive recognizing a mistake and displaying the courage to correct it.

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