En Route to India


I leave for India today. I’ve spent the past few days running around like a crazy person getting ready for my fourth trip to India. I say this with extreme pride because India is, aside from Spain, my favorite place on earth.

I’m opening a new orphanage and a school for slum children in Faridabad, India which is about an hour south of Delhi. This is also my biggest passion. It’s funny because I’ve been told by Indian people that I should pack for Delhi’s sub-zero winter, yet online it says that Delhi’s in the eighties all week. I decided to pack for winter and summer all the while aiming to keep my suitcases under the fifty pound limit. I already have to pay $50 to check my second bag, (each way if you travel coach and free if you travel first class).

I can’t complain though. The plane ticket was bought for me buy the company providing the grant to open the school. Isn’t this funny? I’m about to board a plane to India and all I can think about are the comfy beds in first class and the petite cherry cakes on porcelain dishes I know all those special people will be eating way up there at the front of the plane.

It’s OK. I’ll be OK. I have my books to read and my brand new journal to write in, given to me by a friend. I love this journal. It looks just like the kind of journal one must have in India as it is burned deep orange and covered in a soft cloth with swirled elegant designs on each corner. I bet none of those fancy bed sleeping, cherry cake eating first class people have this journal.

OK, wish me luck!

Love, Alice

Alice can be reached at AliceActress@yahoo.com. She is submitting all of her columns from India through January.

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