Five Summer Camp Safety Tips for Children


By Sifu Nancy Tei

Sweltering heat means summer is upon us. If your child is headed to summer camp this season, you may have some anxiety about the long hours they’ll spend wandering the city with their friends and camp counselors. Most children will sail through summer camp without a hitch, but just in case, here’s three safety tips you should review with your child:

  1. Stranger Danger — Your child will encounter many strangers this summer, including lifeguards, theme park operators, and museum employees. They’ll also spend a great deal of time around adults they don’t know very well, namely camp counselors and teenage assistants often dubbed CIT’s (Counselors In Training). You absolutely must review what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate behavior from known and unknown adults alike.
  2. Anti-Bullying — Camp offers invaluable opportunities to sharpen social skills. Counselors work hard to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere, but inevitably, some children will face bullying issues. Encourage your children to address all incidents immediately, for themselves and for the other campers whose fun shouldn’t be impeded by unsavory characters.
  3. Buddy System — Most camps require children to be accompanied by an adult or another camper when using the restroom, but even if your camp doesn’t enforce this rule, you should insist that your own child never goes anywhere alone.
  4. Important Phone Numbers – Does your child know how and when to call 911? Do they know your daytime phone number by heart? Better double-check. If your child is too young to remember your phone number, you can always stick a label with the number inside their shoes.
  5. Secret is a Bad Word – No adult should ask your child to keep a secret from you or your spouse.

Here’s to a great summer!

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