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More than any other election in recent memory, this presidential election is all about ideas and the future of our country. Obama’s idea is to tax the working half of Americans to pay for socialistic big government handouts to the other half, while Romney is for constitutional liberties and free market capitalism. That’s about it. It shouldn’t be a tough decision for anyone who knows which kind of country they want to live in.

If you believe in redistributing money from those who work for it to those who don’t work, if you think that the federal government should control most aspects of our lives, then you should vote for Obama. If you believe Americans should be entitled to keep most of what they earn and that government should mostly stay out of our lives, then you should vote for Romney. Pretty simple. It’s a choice between two fundamentally different governing philosophies.

So this shouldn’t be a personality contest. This shouldn’t be about which guy is “coolest.” That superficial junk has nothing to do with the direction each man will take our country, but there are many in the media who want to make this election all about personality. The talk show comics and other so-called commentators love zeroing in on “stiff-looking Mitt.” Okay, if you want to talk personality and looks, let’s do it!

To start with, the idea that Mitt Romney looks stiff and robotic is complete nonsense. The man has always looked totally at home in his own skin to me. Romney gives the appearance of a good-looking, well put-together CEO. He smiles easily, has a sunny disposition, and a pleasant speaking voice. There is nothing in his comportment that comes close to “robotic.” If it’s stiff and robotic you want, just take a look at Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The physical appearance and demeanor of the two men in this election couldn’t be further apart. Romney is dignified where Obama is pompous. Romney is humble where Obama is arrogant. Romney is sophisticated where Obama is low class. Romney is a gentleman where Obama is ruthless. Romney has scruples where Obama is unscrupulous.

The opposition has been attempting to define Romney as a man of the past, a Ward Cleaver Leave it to Beaver looking man (code for typical Anglo-Saxon white guy). Meanwhile, no one on the Republican side has ever attempted to demean Obama because of his race, yet the Obama people attack Romney because he happens to be a handsome-looking white man – as if there’s something inherently wrong with that. The Obama people drop the race card in reverse on Romney with innuendo and not so subtle rhetoric (“They gonna put y’all back in chains!” to quote what Biden said to a black audience).

The old double standard is in play from the media. As far as they’re concerned Romney is a stiff, out of touch “white bred” rich Republican robber baron, and Obama is the handsome young man of color who will save the poor and downtrodden. For four years we’ve been told that the Obama family is extraordinarily attractive – not merely nice looking, no, they’re beautiful people. Barack is handsome. Michelle is a stunning beauty. Conversely, according to the pop culture gurus, Mitt is an empty Ken-doll and Ann is nothing but a fake woman because she doesn’t work outside of the home.

Personal demonization is what this president and his surrogates do best. But the facts tell a different story for those of us who are not bamboozled by the media hype. I know I’ll be accused of being a racist for saying this, but in fact Mitt and Ann Romney happen to be highly attractive people and the Obamas are simply plain-looking. Sorry folks, but Obama is no Denzel Washington and Michelle is noHalleBerry.

This has nothing to do with white versus black, of course, but the race mongers on the Left turn any honest criticism of Obama or his policies into a race issue. If you don’t totally accept Obama at every level then you must be a racist. When the Obama people called Romney a felon, a tax cheat, and a murderer (which they did) and he responded by saying that they’re waging a campaign of lies and hate, Romney was called a racist. They take potshots, he defends himself, and they call HIM a racist.

Romney is not only running against theChicagomachine politics of Obama, he’s running against the entertainment industry, most newspapers and magazines, all of academia, the trial lawyers, and all public sector labor unions. It won’t be easy for him to get his message through all of that, but somehow he must if he is to win. The three presidential debates can be his best hope.

If Obama succeeds in his demonizing, in making it sound like Romney is so bad that Americans are better off staying with what they’ve got, then Romney will lose. If, however, the debates focus on plans for creating jobs, growing the economy, and regaining American prestige around the world, then Romney wins. In the war of ideas Americans still opt for strength, freedom, and independence over totalitarian rule every time.

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