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In an average lifetime, a per-son’s feet will carry them be-tween 150,000 and 200,000 miles. That’s six to eight times around the earth. During that distance, our feet will be our levers, balancers, and shock absorbers. It makes good sense to keep them comfortable and healthy.

SAS Shoes stands for “San An-tonio Shoemakers.” SAS Shoes was established in 1976 by two American craftsmen, Terry Arm-strong and Lou Haden. Both Terry and Lou strongly believed in creating a better fitting, more comfortable shoe for both men and women. Still to this day SAS Shoes is a family-run company and prides themselves on making an American-made, hand-crafted product in their warehouse in San Antonio, Texas.

Keeping the business family operated, our three concept stores in Tarzana, Burbank, and Ventura are family owned. Leslie Haugan opened up her first store in Tarzana 10 years ago this March, and with hard work and continued success she opened up two more stores.

SAS Shoes, being the old fash-ioned company that prides our-selves on customer service, we make sure that we greet each customer that walks into our doors, measure their feet with a Brannock device, and fit them properly into the most comfortable shoes that they desire for their unique feet.

We also carry a variety of sizes and widths ranging from 4-12 in Women, 6 widths slim thru double wide and triple wide. As well as, sizes 6-15 in Men, 6 widths slim thru double wide and triple wide. This could be a strong reason why Health Professional recommends SAS Comfort Shoes to their patients. We look forward to seeing you at one of our three stores very soon.

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