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I want to Talk about carefully planned happenings and what really happens when life, inevitably, is full of surprises. From blue frosting to false alarms … we just never know.


The lovely actress Ann Jeffreys, celebrating her 91st Birthday with Tolucans Dee Stratton and JoAnne Worley.

The lovely actress Ann Jeffreys, celebrating her 91st Birthday with
Tolucans Dee Stratton and JoAnne Worley.

Early April I’ll be celebrating Doris Day’s 91st Birthday with Doris! Many of her friends and fans are heading to Carmel for a weekend of activities. For details call the Cypress Inn, D. Day’s doggie friendly Inn, in Carmel.

Now that I’m 80, 91 doesn’t sound that old. And it doesn’t really look too bad either… The extraordinary and ever gorgeous Anne Jeffreys recently turned 91. At a lunch celebrating Anne, Toluca Lake’s JoAnne Worley brought some fabulous cupcakes with Ocean Blue Frosting. So pretty. So yummy. So … blue. One bite, and we knew that we all would be going home blue … and going blue. Anne has a fabulous sense of humor. She posed for pictures with her blue lips and tongue. Other Tolucans present were Nancy Dussault, Dee Stratton, Mary Jo Cattlet and Miriam Nelson. It was a good plan, made more memorable by the hue.

Age. Constant surprises, and conscious managing of the reasonable difficulties that comes with the privilege.

Hence … I sensibly acquired a push-button contraption to wear around my neck. This accouterment fits in the just-in-case category. Just in case I fall or need help, the system kicks in. I know it works! David is in Europe, and the night he left town, the button got pushed, somehow, while I was sleeping. I awoke to Skye, barking fiendishly, and saw the shadows of three big men with giant flashlights in my hallway. Scary? YES! But with some dramatic chatting (though the bedroom door), the gents suggested I peek out my window and see a fire truck in front of my house. After I was assured they were firemen and they were assured that I was alright, they kindly left and locked up the house. The false alarm flaw is being dealt with by the company and all’s well that ends well. And some things are starting well … like my spring vegetables. My back yard now has some raised gardens. I am becoming a supplier for arugula. And the Swiss chard had jungle-sized leaves. I’ve been steaming them in my pressure cooker and using greens at breakfast.

There was a fine happening, a first ever Awards Show for the Location Managers Guild of America. Something uniquely special happened. Tell you about it next week….

We’ll Talk.

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