Erin Pennacchio, celebrating.

Erin Pennacchio, celebrating.

I want to Talk about 2013. The first half swooshed by so fast. I’m hoping the rest of the year will have an easier cadence, due to so many really important things that are in my hopper. As I write, we’re packing and prepping. As this column hits the stands, David and I will be in New York. On July 3, I’ve been invited to do an evening at the Metropolitan Room that will benefit Actors and Others for Animals. I’m a bit giddy about that and I have to thank Richard Skipper, a real Broadway man about town, blogger, writer, and entertainer who knows so many great show folks. His last interview evening was with Tommy Tune, so I’ve big tap shoes to follow.

Speaking of Actors and Other for Animals let me give you a “save the date,” Sept. 28, for our Celebrity filled Celebration of Caring Luncheon at the Hilton Universal. This will be a first. Something Different. (Think Best in Show.) Of course I’ll be Talking about this a lot! A great local couple, Erin and George Pennacchio, have been longtime attendees of A&O’S events. They will be happy to know that Lily Tomlin is a new member of our Board of Directors.

And all of us at Actors and Others are beyond happy that an original founding member of the organization is returning to Southern California … and, returning to our Board of Directors! Fabulous Lucie Arnaz is relocating to Palm Springs after a near lifetime in New York. She married the exceptionally gifted (and pretty cute) actor Larry Luckinbill and they raised a great family.

Big Lucy must be so proud! She was always a fan of “little Lucie,” reminding all of us that she was the funny one. It was true. In real-life private time, Lucille Ball was certainly fun to be with, but she was more of a straight person, while her daughter had an easy wit and was just funny. An example, when I recently asked Lucie, one should always ask, if I could go public with her rejoining Actors and Others, this was her reply, “Thank you, Girl. Great reconnecting with so many good memories and great friends from my youth. And, yes, you may announce that one of the original founders has been found!!! Back in the litter again. We will talk soon. XxxxxxxxLu.” Just a way of chatting that makes you smile.

It made Erin Pennacchio kick up her heels! OK, I’m fudging. Erin was celebrating a recent birthday, and most likely expecting some of her favorite frozen yogurt from one of our favorite Broadcasters at ABC7. Her husband George, not only one of the most succinct and informational entertainment reporters around, he takes sweet care of his wife … and also of their recued greyhounds. Now that’s a Hollywood Wrap!

DAWDLE, DAWDLE. Anything but pack. I started this column out by saying I was packing. Well, I’ve cut back dead flowers, decided I had to feed the plants, then feed myself, lingered over this column and, with a few interruptions by David reminding me that we’re leaving tomorrow morning at 5:15, did various odd tasks.

Why is packing such a pressure-filled horror? Because I have to make decisions! Decisions that fit in a suitcase. Packing for steamy heat weather, with murderous air conditioning indoors. Why is my suitcase almost filled before I put my clothes in? Because I need a household full of stuff! It’s like moving. The everyday needs grow more and more as I age. Hearing aids, hearing aid batteries, panty shields, Pills, night pills, day pills, and just-in-case pills … just in case.

So I have to push in some clothes, jeans, muumuus, raincoat, rubbers (shoes), umbrella, and plugs for my mobile phone. Something a little dressy for my Metropolitan Room experience, and something nothing to collapse in at the hotel.

Whining. I’m sorry. Pathetic. Going to New York is a wonderful thing, great theater, daring meals, dear friends. This is not a problem (except packing).

I know I’m one of the luckiest things on this planet. And I’ll be so happy to report all the New York City thrills. And, I’ll also be happy to be home … We’ll Talk….

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