Have You Been Told “It’s All in Your Head” by Doctors? It’s Not!


By Greg Smith, Staff Writer

Dr. Anju Mathur of Angel Longevity Medical Center.

Dr. Anju Mathur of Angel Longevity Medical Center.

Have you gone from doctor to doctor, trying to find out why you haven’t felt like yourself lately? And what do they do? Give you more and more medication, until your medicine cabinet is full. Each prescription alleviates your ills somewhat, but the side effects can be costly. So on to another doctor ad infinitum.

That’s no way to live. At Angel Longevity Medical Center, Dr. Anju Mathur makes it her business to find the root cause of what ails you, specifically dealing with chronic diseases. Although the leading causes of death and disability in the United States, many chronic diseases are preventable.

A family practitioner for the past 20 years, Dr. Mathur incorporates Holistic and Integrative Medicine into her practice. Dr. Mathur determines the source of the problem through various diagnostic techniques such as gastrointestinal (GI) examinations. GI exams shine a light on abnormalities in the organs. Dr. Mathur then uses various IV Nutritional therapies to successfully treat many chronic illnesses and build up the immune system.

“Through the fruit of industrialization, people live longer, but their quality of life diminishes due to poor health. Aging is inevitable, but pain shouldn’t be a byproduct,” Dr. Mathur says.

The following is a success story from a patient of Dr. Mathur::

“At age 58, I suddenly developed Rheumatoid Arthritis. Pain, such as I’ve never experienced before in my life, racked my joints bilaterally (shoulders, wrists, fingers, knees, and balls of my feet) along with swelling and total disability. I felt such despair that my life, which had always been healthy, was now over. I couldn’t use my hands, nor walk without pain.

“Dr. Mathur reassuringly explained the natural treatments, via IV therapy, she has been successfully using for many years. Being an RN I was very aware of the standard medicines that are used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, (chemotherapy and immune suppressing agents) and I didn’t want any part of that. The side effects are worse than what it purports to treat!

“I had never heard of Vitamin C infusions, but the basis behind using it was sound to me. The results I felt after just the first Vit C infusion are nothing short of a miracle. My pain and stiffness were practically all gone. I of course continued with the Vit C IVs and also started UBI tx and am now only on ‘maintenance’ IVs.

“I cannot fully express the gratitude I feel towards Dr. Mathur, who has really given me back my life. I feel physically wonderful and also feel empowered by the knowledge and dramatic results of these natural ‘alternative’ treatments.”

In addition to GI examinations and IV Nutritional therapies, Dr. Mathur also specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and is a member of the Forever Health™ network.

Angel Longevity Medical Center is located at 12840 Riverside Dr. #402 in Studio City. For an initial consultation, call (323) 661-7661.

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