I must start this column with a celebrity story before I answer one of your questions (which I so enjoy doing).


I met famed actress Katharine Hepburn for the first time in Venice, Italy. She was doing a film in the enchanted city, and I was introduced to her by the great actress and drama coach Constance Collier. I then saw Ms. Hepburn several times thereafter.

A few days after our first meeting, Hepburn fell into the canal, where she incurred an eye infection from the murky water that would plague her throughout her life, as I understand it.

I feel that I encountered her all over again on opening night at the Falcon Theatre, where the talented Stephanie Zimbalist brought her to life in Tea at Five. In the play’s first act, we see “Kate” in action as a young woman. The second act reveals her as the aged Hepburn. It is even more dramatic than the first act. I don’t easily cry at the theatre, but I did so that evening when she spoke of “Spence” (her longtime great love Spencer Tracy).

I must say that I felt the very presence of both Tracy and Hepburn on stage with Stephanie and my congratulations to her for bringing these legends alive again.

It was also delightful to see the public relations woman for the theatre, Chelsea Sutton, making everyone during the after-theatre party feel at home. Chelsea – you are perfect in the role. I would recommend the evening to anyone and say psychically that if Stephanie were to bring the production to Broadway, a Tony award would come to rest on her mantle.

And now to address the letter of the week. I will definitely answer more letters next time:

Dear Kenny:

Thank you for being here for us. I never thought I would believe in the psychic world until I saw you on television for so many years.

I love my family. My two children are Bruce, who is 14, and Jean, who is 12, and then there is my husband Bruce, Sr. (these are not their real names, by the way).

But I’ve been taking a writing class and have met a much younger man. I find that I want to spend more time with him than the two nights a week of our class, if you can read between the lines.

I’m 46 and he’s 28. What should I do? I even made the mistake of calling my husband by this man’s name a couple of times! But I don’t think my husband caught on. Please tell me what to do. I still love my husband but am torn in my feelings. Please answer soon as I think I’m going berserk!


Dear Dreamer:

I find your letter very unrealistic, thus my calling you a dreamer.

You didn’t say so, but I feel that you have only known this man less than three months. You are undergoing a romantic fantasy. In fact, I sense that you changed the theme of the writing project you’re doing from a war theme to a romance.

I psychically feel that you had very few boyfriends before your husband came along, and my first impression was that you were previously engaged to someone but he deserted you to find another woman. So perhaps you had some unrealized romantic illusions that were never fully resolved before you settled down.

But please, T.P., it’s difficult enough to find someone these days. Why alter what you have, which is a good marriage? A brief fling – some romantic “fantasia” – is so wrong for you. It would change forever the tone of your marriage, if it even survived.

I feel that your husband is a good person and good for you.

This man in your class is very wrong for you and you are no doubt just living a youthful flight of fancy temporarily. Please either forget him as a romantic partner or go to another class.

I also must advise you to be careful how you act at home. I feel that your son senses something has changed in your attitude. He is much more sensitive to you and your feelings than you might imagine.

I ask you to appreciate what you have and I wish you all the best, Sweet Spirit.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer to your question in a future issue. Send your letter to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny, visit www.kennykingston.org.

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