In the mix: iPhone cases, National Coloring Book Day and IKEA


West Virginia governor Jim Justice switches from Democrat to Republican during Trump rally. It’s the first Republican since Caitlyn Jenner to go both ways….

A new poll shows the president’s job approval sinks to 33 percent. What Trump calls “Yuge!” Pictured is a Donald Trump coffee mug.

U.S. adds 209,000 jobs in July. And those are just Trump’s lawyers….

Chris Christie got in the face of a fan at a Brewer’s game. In fact, he got in everyone’s face….

Boy! The rate things are going in the White House, Trump will hire the late Billy Martin just to fire him….

New Quinnipiac poll shows the president’s job approval sinks to 33 percent. What Trump calls “Yuge!”….

Trump set for three-week vacation at Bedminster Golf Course. Well, that’s par for the course….

Last Wednesday was National Coloring Book Day. What Donald Trump calls literature….

NASA’s $1 billion Jupiter probe sent back breathtaking new images of the Great Red Spot. Kim Kardashian was very upset. She thought they snuck an upskirt photo….

Glitter iPhone cases are recalled over burn risk. Customers can now rest assured it’s safe to make cold calls….

An Indiana college warns of possible squirrel attacks. They recommend wearing ankle high boots and safeguarding your nuts….

Doctors think it’s possible using a laptop could cause infertility in men. But watching porno offsets that….

Photos surface of two Indiana police officers sleeping in their car after visiting a Dunkin’ Donuts. Investigators charged them with sleeping at the site of a sugar crash….

China says India has been building up troops and repairing roads along its side of the border. As North Korea threatens us, I’m hoping we can get at least a few pot holes filled….

China also has put plans on the table, urging support for their Israel-Palestinian peace plan. They propose each country choose one item from column A and one from column B….

Swedish man dies during penis enlargement surgery. Wife sues IKEA for defective parts….

Howie Fox resides in New York, though his mind can often be found in the gutter. He writes for comedians when not kvetching. He can be reached at

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