In the mix: Tom Cruise, Reba McEntire and the return of Bill Cosby

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Sunday night was the annual Grammy Awards given out for music no one gives a crap about….

There were so many hip hop artists up for a Grammy, you needed a rap sheet just to keep score…

It’s the only place where you can see people who more have gold chains than Michael Phelps…

In politics, the U.S. government has reopened for business. Everything 50 percent off….

Air Force One’s new refrigerators will cost taxpayers $24 million. What’s the point? If they want something cold, there’s Donald Trump’s marriage….

The Doomsday Clock has been moved up 30 seconds to two minutes to midnight. But do we move it back in the Spring?….

Kleenex to cut 5,000 jobs and close 10 plants. This is nothing to sneeze at….

Red Lobster announced its bringing back its Lobsterfest. Makers of Imodium are ecstatic….

Amazon set to open its grocery store without a checkout line to the public. Shoplifters rejoice….

Toys “R” Us announced it is closing over 180 stores. This is good news for Amazon “R” Us….

Bud Light says they will give out free beer if Eagles win. Sounds much better than rooting for the Patriots. I mean, what would we get — clam chowder and oyster crackers?….

Chinese scientists clone monkeys for first time. Next up: Byrds and Beatles….

Fifth Indiana Jones will be Steven Spielberg’s next film. It will be called Raiders of the Lost AARP….

Bill Cosby sets first comedy show since rape trial. He promises the show will knock you out….

“Grandma the Clown” resigns from Big Apple Circus for sexual misconduct. Clowns, Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K. are shocked…

Tom Cruise joins Instagram. I bet he’s jumping for joy….

Reba McEntire has officially stepped in as the latest Colonel Sanders for KFC. Who said she was chicken to do it? But you know….

Hey! Did I ever tell you about my wife? Her cooking is so bad, it once got five stars by Jack Kervorkian….

Magician David Copperfield warns of false harassment claims after woman says she was tricked….

I asked a magician what is the secret to levitation? He said “Viagra”….

Finally watched Wonder Woman. Her powers are nothing special that can’t be explained by PMS….

Howie Fox resides in New York, though his mind can often be found in the gutter. He writes for comedians when not kvetching. He can be reached at


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