Intelligent Love


Reverend Pam MacGregor of The Science of Mind Spiritual Center — L.A.

By Rev. Pam

Regardless of what one does in life, you must have a feeling that what you do has some importance, some significance, to you. I have found that there is an intelligence within us that will guide us. And when we surrender to that intelligence and act upon its ideas and strength, we gain a sense of inner balance. I certainly did, and share that knowledge with others today.

I have found that the greatest fulfillment is the discovery of the eternal power that lives within me, the connection I have with the Divine. I believe that our approach to life is the evidence of our relationship with the Divine (God), and the faith that grows stronger from that relationship.

You can have intelligent love in your life, too. Create a strong foundation of peace of mind about what you are doing. You have an infinite capacity to achieve and to accomplish your dreams. You may find that manifesting your creative self-expression may fulfill a temporary desire for worldly success. However, the fulfillment, satisfaction and completeness of that success, is found deep within your loving Spirit.

Love — it is the greatest creative power there is! Are you willing to put love into your life? Listen to your inner intelligence and put Spirit’s love to the test for the next thirty days and email me your results at I look forward to hearing from you!

“Making the world a better place, spirit to spirit!”

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