KUMON: An Accelerated Learning Program to Help Your Child Soar Academically


By Jennifer Speer

Photo by Lynne Tucker

KUMON Math & Reading Center is serious about seeing
your child succeed and excel.

Can you imagine the multitude of ways your child’s educational advancement could make your life easier? Get KUMON Math & Reading Center involved – not only will it help them add up the total on the 14,000 toys they asked for this month, but also assist in teaching their baby sister to write her own name … probably on the wall … nonetheless, it’s progress.

All kidding aside, KUMON is serious about seeing your child succeed and excel. In addition to your child’s regular curriculum, they have programs for advanced learners, kids that need to catch up, and parents that prefer an educational after-school experience for their child.

Owner Julius Marzuki wants your child to take pride in his or her educational abilities. How far we’re falling behind educationally as a nation is no laughing matter. Julius believes that if we can intervene and enhance our children’s math and reading skills at a very young age, they will end up with above-average levels of testing and comprehension.

He knows the confidence that comes hand in hand with being successful at school. Not only is it empowering, but allows them to tackle the next project with less fear and intimidation. Succeed once, in anything, and you know you can again.

The affordable program is big on personal responsibility; the staff instructs the students and makes sure they know what the objective and mechanics of the lessons are; and then they cut them loose with worksheets specifically designed to enhance their core skills of reading and math.

Although the KUMON program has been around for some time, this particular center started in December, and they have a professional, fully trained seven-person staff, over 100 subjects, and, currently, 60 students. This gives them a huge educational database to choose from and a wonderful student/teacher ratio for personalized attention to your child’s progress.

Class and homework levels are determined by an initial placement test, but Julius usually starts the kids a level or two below so that they begin with a great sense of success, and to allow the teachers to assess the strength of their core skills. Classes are Monday and Thursday; and the students, with their parents, pick the half hour they will come in to receive instruction between 2:30—7:00 p.m. for a total of eight times a month. Observational and direct help from the teachers is available during this time.

Parents considering this program for their kids should be willing to encourage and be involved in the worksheet process, and in checking in with them after their scheduled attendance each week. The students with the best support system are the ones most likely to succeed … so come by to visit, or simply sign up and start the process of helping your child soar academically!

KUMON Math & Reading Center is located at 1042 W. Alameda Ave. in Burbank. For more information, email juliusmarzuki@iKumon.com or call (818) 843-2885.

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