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Laurel Hall School is often called “the hidden gem in the Valley.” Many prospective parents exclaim, “I wish I had known about your school when my older child started.” Although we are prominently placed off of the 170 freeway and Oxnard in North Hollywood, Laurel Hall is a pleasant surprise to many.

As a ministry of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Laurel Hall prepares students academically, spiritually, and socially to be successful in the high school of their choice as long as they actively participate in the journey! Laurel Hall offers an amazing arts program including courses in the disciplines of visual arts, drama, and music. The arts force us to think differently, to look at life in new ways, to take risks in our learning — the very foundation of a great education.

Meaningful experiences with music are important to a child’s education. Many of the skills learned in music connect with other areas of learning, but it is a child’s involvement with the beauty and joy of creative expression that makes music unique.

Our visual arts program is process-oriented rather than product-oriented. Students learn how to take reasonable risks in order to find unique visual solutions to artistic problems.

Drama at Laurel Hall engages the students in self-expression, critical thinking, and problem solving, building on the skills and creativity of the individual. Students expand their ability to focus on a task and work to explore the wealth of their imaginations.

Join us for a tour and see for yourself.

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