Melt-in-the-mouth fish from Sansei, in Maui. It’s like Butter.

TIMELINES: I want to Talk about waiting. Waiting in line, waiting for the right time. Making plans.         Making changes in plans due to the unexpected. One didn’t expect to be looking like Hannibal Lecter, but the periodontist knew better. I suppose there is no right time to get ones lower gum pulled out and shoved down. Seems like my lower tiny teeth are ground to a nubbins and in order to put little jackets on them … there is this process first. What a great time to use my new blender! Soft food time. Two days after the gum job, I took a swan dive into the cement and banged my face, etc, etc, etc.

I missed the gums, a good thing — but hit nose first, not that good. Miracle. Nothing broke, that is an amazing thing.

So off to the Encino Emergency and miracle two, no waiting! After much TLC, I headed home for R&R, looking like a woodland creature wearing a clown nose.  Ice packs and soft food….

SANSEI: Thinking of food and lines, I’m having food fantasies of Sansei in the Kapalua Resort area ofMaui. We had a reservation and knew there is a line for reserved folks. We were there early, feeling a little uppity because there is another, longer line, for those who walk in. Worth the wait! The Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar is a hopping place, “Dress casual and bring a smile,” suggests famed Chef D. K. Kodama. “Just relax and enjoy the adventure of dining ….” And it is an adventure. If you are heading forMaui this summer, may I suggest you discover the delight of Sansei’s Butterfish (with miso and sake), a dish that dreams are made of? And Dynamite Shrimp, is as named, along with fabulous Poke and the rest of the inventive offers (you can see their menu on the internet).

These are pathetic thoughts for my soft food season, but the memories are in my battered head’s hard drive.

Sherman Oaks Actress Susan Watson, currently starring at the Music Center in “Follies.” Susan originated the role of Luisa in “The Fantasticks,” and is a great lady of the Musical Theatre.

TRAFFIC SCHOOL: Speaking of a hard drive, I got my first moving violation. A letter from a Court arrived in the mail with a picture of me. With a determined look on my face, I was driving through a red light. I remember the moment. It was very early on a weekend morning, and I wanted to be on time for a very meaningful meeting. I was the only car on the road in all directions and sailed through the light gleefully (insanely). It was a first and I had a jolly time feeling like a bad girl, but not for long. That was near $500 ago. I paid my fine with chagrin and chose traffic school, to keep my insurance record pure. May I suggest, if the driving devil ever seduces you, Traffic It’s an online program, and teaches more than one ever knew about traffic laws. We should all have to do this every now and then, just to understand all the new yellow lines and signs. It was very doable and they directly contact the Court for you when we pass all tests. So, a lesson learned. Embarrassing, almost as much as falling.

Speaking of tickets, we have tickets to Follies. David will be wearing a patch, due to cataract surgery, and I’ll be wearing dark glasses due to my raccoon face. The adorable and talented star (of Sherman Oaks), Susan Watson, has been with this gigantic hit show since it opened in D.C. and then on to the Broadway triumph. We have loved Susan for decades and applauded her lead in No Nanette for the Musical Theatre Guild (of which she is a founder!) We’re patiently waiting for MTG’s Shenandoah (June 11), and we’ll be there with patch (for David’s second eye job) and glasses to disguise my healing head.

Also exciting to know that Book of Mormon is coming to the Pantages.  All musicals worth waiting for. We’ll talk (we’ll sing, we’ll heal)….

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