Logan Riese, A Tony Neighborhood Cobbler


Blockbusters, Leather (Even Faux), and Zen

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Singer Trace Adkins wearing Riese’s jacket.

He’s got a celebrity clientele that rocks the charts, yet you’ve never heard of him (yet). The reason: He caters to his clients and not himself. Think fashion for Jon Bon Jovi, Megan Fox, Shaq, Lenny Kravitz and Slash, as well as blockbuster films.

The recession did not stop him from opening a salon that bears his name. “It took us seven years to find this space,” says soft-spoken Logan Riese, a former hippie who lived in Costa Rica, now turned businessman. “Sometimes, you’ve got to seize the moment and hang on.” He runs his shop with his attractive Japanese-American wife, Christine, a former overseas rep for his line.

Reminiscent of cobblers past, he is the neighborhood leather maven, if your neighborhood happens to be Melrose Avenue! In a city where ego is strong and divas comprise more square miles than palm trees, the designer is a diamond in the rough. Riese thanks partner, Jean Paul DeJuria, of Patrone Tequila and Paul Mitchell Shampoo. DeJuria was a customer, who was so impressed he offered to take the biz to the next level. They also do unique silver jewelry.

The innovator doesn’t take buying trips or read the au-current pubs to seek out trends. “It’s pretty much my own designs. I get inspired by what’s going on in my own life.”

We found a leather jacket with the initials T.A. sitting on a hanger. Nonchalantly he says, “Oh, that’s for Trace Adkins’ appearance for the music awards next week.” He’s been a client for five years. In one of Riese’s leather designs, Adkins made a great impression on the Trumpster on Celebrity Apprentice’s second season. He also designs for Vince Neil, Dave Navarro and Kid Rock.

Riese is so modest, he forgets to tell this reporter that he designs boots for his BFF, Pamela Anderson, who’s now grabbing the nation’s hearts on “Dancing with the Stars.” The boots are called Pammies. Since she shuns leather and is a noted PETA advocate, the product is faux.

“A celebrity and a stylist will decide they need a black leather jacket with stuff on it. And then I come up with ideas.” Most of his work is custom. But you can see his samples on what else, leather hangers!

“Since summer is coming up, we’re doing some perforated calf that’s airy and cool. And then we have leather for an Aspen winter.”

His creations shine on Megan Fox and John Malcovich in the upcoming movie Jonah Hex, as well as Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2. He also suited Christian Bale in Terminator: Salvation and Paul Dano in the indie For Ellen.

Riese designs everything from the leather seats on motorcycles to cars to yachts. But he never takes himself too seriously.

“Jon Bon Jovi was the first celebrity I ever met. I had to take a suitcase full of jackets to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where he was staying. It was a really warm day and all the guys were out by the pool, where I had to do my presentation. Here I was all dressed in leather, trying to look cool, laying the jackets out. Bon Jovi was very sweet and accommodating.”

The rest is history.

You can visit his website at www.loganriese.com

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